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August 05, 2011


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Jack the Tripper

Let's have the guy who got a "D" in Principles of Economics take control of the country during this economy.

Robert Smithee

I wonder why the Huffington Puffington Post has not published Obama's transcripts.

John Q. Public

Not to be persnickity, but you missed the Failing grade that he received in Organic Chemistry II and the D's he got in Trigonometry, Organic Chemistry I, Ogranic Chemistry Lab, Shakespeare, Principals of Economics, Veterinary Anatomy, Meats, Feeds & Feeding, and Writing for Professional Men.
Looks like, to me (and I did not major in math), that he received 10 times as many D's as he did A's. Heck, he couldn't even get an A in Physical Education.

Rebecca Mayfield

I find it interesting that Gov Perry scored so low in Economics. Maybe that's how his campaign state budget surplus turned into such a large deficit.


did anyone notice he made a D in Principals of Economics?


There's a reason why someone with this sort of history has become to where they are now.


Now when do we get to see Obama's? He's paid his lawyers over a million dollars to keep them hidden.

Lonnie Smith

College grades have no cooralation with success in life.


Obama attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School. I don't think he would have gone there if he had Fs and Ds. Just asking where are Obama's college transcripts makes those who are asking total dumb asses. DUH! ANYBODY HOME!


Right. Where's the proof. I'd be more than happy to show that. I can see Rick Perry as a young, smalltown boy not taking a lot of interest. I'm sure he's not the first. This, to me, does show he actually EXISTED before considering the Presidency and I doubt very seriously he'd be where he is without having learned a little something about economics and how to lead. Some pay to be leaders, some are naturally born. Not that I necessarily care for the man, but I bet 10-1 he can do a helluva lot better job (anyone could) than the dictator who is currently taking up space and spending money.

Rocky Squirrel

"Obama attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School. I don't think he would have gone there if he had Fs and Ds." there's a lot of people in our govt, past and present, who went to "ivy league" schools, who were (are) bent on collapsing this capitalist society in favor of the collectivist Utopia their leftist professors favored. give me a honest, God-respecting, America-loving man/woman any day for President, grades be damned.

Retired Army in San Antonio

Well.....I have doubts that any sitting governor who considers seccession by his state as an option (like Perry) can lay claim to being an "Ameica-loving man".....


Rocky Squirrel and others should get over the false idea America is a capitalist society. T'ain't. It's a plutocracy, given to us after 30 years of failed, right wing fundamentalism...religious AND economic. THIS is the economy after Greenspan/Reagan/Bush deregulation, and after massive accumulation of wealth by the already rich. Hell, even Bruce Bartlett pointed out the rich in the US don't pay their fair share of taxes.

mark young

rick perry set standards he cant do himself. I will vote for him if he can pass the taks test he so much thinks is good enough for our children


Too bad there is not a "grade" for Passion for your country. Truth be told...Obama looks at "truth" through "colored" glasses.

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