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September 01, 2011


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Bob Thornton

LOL: The Teabaggers are eating their own!


It's called "Primaries" - they don't compete for the top job by patting each other on the back any more than socialist - er sorry - I meant Democrat presidential wannabes do.


Candidates trash each other out and then 'wholly support' the chosen one, aka Senator Hutchison when she ran for govenor. So was all that rheteric lies?

charlie wilson

You idiots are going after the wrong people! Decide the republican candidate on merits and capabilities, and cease the rediculous mud slinging. The goal is to get Obama and his merry band of fools out of ofice, and you will not get that done deviding the party!You are acting like the people we want out of Washington, not in!


After reading the misspelled words in these responses, there is a case to be made for increasing education funding. Please, please, please use a dictionary.
We already knew that Perry had a reality problem, this is no surprise.

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