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September 21, 2011


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Curtis McCaffity

Giovanni Capriglione is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE that will make the 98th District Proud.

Brenda White

I'm proud to call Giovanni a friend. He is a patriot and yes, a TRUE CONSERVATIVE! He will represent the 98th District well!

David Lambertsen

Great news for the people of HD 98. He will provide Conservative leadership & fiscal responsiblity.

Julie McCarty

Vicki Truitt resorted to ridiculous claims against Giovanni because she was afraid of losing to him. If she was afraid two years ago, she ought to be shaking in her boots now. Giovanni has spent those two years getting to know the voters in NE Tarrant. He knows what we want, and he's ready to fight to make it happen. The elections can't get here soon enough. We've been warning Truitt to listen to us or be voted out. She didn't listen. It's time to vote her out.

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