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September 20, 2011


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O'Grady is a political opportunist with no legislative record who will rely on incidents (F16 Bosnia crash) to get elected. He's been buddying up to entrenched political interests for years, and even bought a house in Collin County with the intent of running for office there (still lives in Dallas). He enters the race citing a dubious and unscientific poll suggesting parity with himself and Paxton, but no mention whatsoever of guiding principles. Caveat emptor.


Chris ... I don't know what planet you're on, but it it isn't earth with those comments about Scott. He worked hard on the 218 iniative that helped America get the house back in 2010. Imagine where the Obama agenda would be if we didn't have the house. He has worked with grassroots activists and spoke at tea party events, so he is far from being party of "entrenched" political interests. If anyone is "entrenched," it would be Ken Paxton who has been part of the establishment. Ken sold the grassroots short by going for speaker and then quitting at the last minute. Stop throwing stones, except in your case, peebles.


Kelly.. you brought a plastic spoon to a gun fight.

Mr. Paxton is hardly entrenched, or he wouldn't have challenged the speaker to begin with. Check out his voting record.. like it or not, it speaks for itself. His record certainly departs from entrenched interests.

Yes, O'Grady spoke at Tea Party events. He told those tea party people that he doesn't support the re-election of Speaker Strauss. What did Scott do next? He went to Austin for his house race fundraiser (yes, he was running for House BEFORE he entered the Senate race) hosted by the speaker himself. The same speaker that the Tea Party greatly disklikes. He lied to the tea party people. The tea party doesn't support this guy. So, in summary, he is supported by moderate Straus, and he announced his bid to the Senate within two hours of Shapiro (another moderate) retiring. Clearly an orchestrated entry into the race with Shapiro's blessing. If you think the tea party supports this guy, you're badly misinformed.

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