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September 26, 2011


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Rudy Gonzales

His portrayal was dead on! Perry's proclamation that Texas has freedom from taxation is Texas does not have and Income tax, but Texas makes up for this with the highest property taxes, the highest insurance rates on vehicles and homes. Texas' freedom from over-regulation and over-litigation is due to the "Conservative Legislature" in Austin where legislation is passed to appease the business community and some of Perry biggest contributors and donors! The recent TWIA(Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) fiasco hammers that point dead on! Kickbacks and under-hand payoffs were investigated and some lost their high appointments due to impropriety in office. These Perry appointees should have been arrested, but the Legislature changed the laws to help those caught with their hand in the cookie jar, while limiting litigation on behalf of the many insured. Perry has used tax incentives and subsidies to lure jobs which pales in contrast to the real job maker in Texas - Big Oil! Thursday night's fiasco in Florida highlighted Perry's inability to think on his feet as he wobbled and fell flat on his face. The look on Rick Perry's "Deer in the headlights look" on his face was priceless


The bit wasn't at all funny; par for SNL for the past decade. It wasn't the subject, but the writing and delivery. Pathetic.


Baldwin's characterization was pathetic. He didn't look like Perry, he didn't sound like Perry. He didn't parrot Perry well. The copy written for him didn't do a good job of lampooning Perry's positions. Yet another SNL FAIL.

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