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October 31, 2011


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He probably just had a couple of hits off some good bud, That's all


That was drunk. No doubt about it. Now, maybe his back meds made the drink stronger, but there's no denying that this was a man under the influence.

It also allowed some of his more hidden mannerisms to come to the forefront.

Fun for all!


This is not anything other than a candid conversation from a laid back guy who feels comfortable with his audience. sure he is animated. He was having a good time joking and cutting up. Nothing wrong with that. People are just looking for something negative because they have drank the left's kool aid.

Buffalo Joe

Another Texas governor looking for a frat keg party.

David A. Bedford

The man must have taken uppers.


That, was a very camp performance.

john doe

oh man, I'll take a drunk or drugged Rick Perry over a 'sober' obama any day of the week. At least everything Rick touches doesn't turn to merde.


Did anyone else notice the striking similarity at times to Steve Martin in The Jerk? It's uncanny at times.


He giggles like a little girl...


Doesn't take long for the hit jobs by the media, does it? Of course, Obama remains untouched, as usual.


Rick was under the influence of medications. He did not look presidential at all. In fact, he appears to be auditioning for Saturday Night Live. It was not pretty. We all know when you are pursuing the highest office in the country, you have to put your best foot forward. In this case, it looks like he took his shoes off and was performing at the Comedy Club. Rick is a mess!!!!!

Alberto Knox

I feel SO SAD for Rick Perry, being all taken out of context like that. Republicans would never try to misues video like this if it was, oh, Obama or Howard Dean or anything. Noooo, they are above that.

Old Ricky, he wasn't stumbling around slurring his words and making no sense at all. He was just being Relaxed... among friends... they were probably all high too.

Bryan Giliam

Perry does a great Paul Lynde imitation.

steve scott

I wouldn't say he's drunk. He HAS been drinking.

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