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October 26, 2011


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If rick is elected President he will be a BIGGER JOKE in the W/H than gwb was. He is already the biggest joke that Texas has ever had as Gov.

claude dennis

If We Can Not Have The Confederate License Plate Then We Don,t Need The BUffalo SOldiers Museum How About That

William Fraser

Waaaaaaaaaaay too late Rick....
The time to start using your head was back in elementary school, where you apparently became a fundamentalist, non thinking, creationist prejudiced ignoramus.
Hoepfully Texas voters will now start to see how far out to the right this guy is. Despite his parties efforts to further dumb down texas education, maybe theres hope he'll be thrown out of the Governor's mansion next time. One can only hope.

To quote Rick himself
Adios MoFo

Will dallas

Inita Goodwun

Hey, (p)Rick....

What about those rumors regarding you being caught in bed with another man?

Just kidding. ...Not. Yeah, really....just kidding. Not.


Rick will do whatever it takes to get a vote or a buck!! He's only in this for his rich cronnies and to fill his pockets with the voters money. You're right, he will be the biggest loser that ever occupied the White House... Surely, we Americans deserve a better choice than this dude. Bye Rick!!


I didn't like him before and he continuously makes me dislike him even more. I'd never, ever, ever, ever vote for Perry in a million years. He screws teachers and never kisses them.

Billy Davis

The Buffalo soldiers didn't go around killing people because of their race. The Confederates lynched many in Louisiana during Jerry Pattersons grandfathers heydey. We defeated Mexico at the Alamo do we allow the losers of that war to have official Mexican flags sponsored by the state?


Hey, Perry, we were just kidding when we reelected you in 2010. Will you go away now?


Claude, just a history lesson. The Buffalo Soldiers was given that name by the Indians during a period in history when Blacks were slaves but were required to fight in the civil war. The Conferate Flag represents a period in history when the South did not want to free the slaves; and therefore, chose to fight and die for economic reasons. It's all in the history books. Why would anyone want to relieve this part of American history less you would love to repeat it. It's time to move on as the United Statesof America.

Charley Mayo

Governer Goodhair . . . he was missing when brains were passed out; maybe combing his hair.

But, he was at the head of the class, when money, power, and screw the middle class was on the docket.


All these comments seem to be knocking Perry. If he's so bad, why does he keep getting re-elected as governor? Why does Texas still have one of the lowest unemployment rates, highest hiring rates and no state tax? If you hate Perry so much, leave!

"The" OSU

Douchey McDouche-Douche


I was so excited! I thought,maybe,he was just kidding about running for President. Is this going to be his out everytime he sticks his foot in his mouth. Just Kidding, Do Over, By-gones!


There is virtually no chance Perry will be elected...or even win the GOP nomination. But if he were elected, at least he couldn't be as big a joke as our current Incompetence in Chief.


"He screws teachers and never kisses them."

That's disgusting. Especially after the teachers just got done with the students and the taxpayers.


I'm just kidding when I say you're a friggin moron and have been amazed every time people here in Texas ACTUALLY voted for you for governor.

Comeback Kid

Let the Bubbas have the Stars and Bars plate...That way they easily identified and therefore can be avoided. If you stifle freedom of speech you won't know who the dangerous idiots are.


funny how fast politicians back track on themselves if they even think someone would be upset at their comments. All politicians are no better than the ladies of the night...well the ladies are one step above them...at least you know what you are buying when taking one of them to a motel room.


Uh, Billy Davis, the Alamo was lost, that is why we remember it. Texas won its Independence, due to the Alamo falling to Mexico. Guess your another victim of the dumb'ed down Texas Education.


this man was a cheerleader for gods sake and an poor students, is everyone in Texas smoking dope to elect him govenor


The similarities to Rod Blagojevich are frightening. Both are obsessed with their hair and both have a hard time finding their way out the front door.


Teachers should be paid as much if not even more then RN"s


Perry...I'm voting for you...ahhh..just kidding


Bryan: Because IDIOTS like you keep voting for him. I have NEVER voted for him or gwb and never would, unless I was selected for a jury panel and they were on trial for all the $$$$$$$$ they have stolen from the tax payers.

gilbert hernandez

first of all mexico won at the alamo. but were defeated by sam houston. near what it is houston,tx. jobs are high in texas because the state has a high turn over and pay low wages because of the right to work state. wish means ceo's are allowed to hired illegals from big factories that come from the north stated and are replace by of course illegals with fake id's. so, the ceo's make so much from the illegals with no overtime and no benefits. how's that for perry money under the table as we know it. so, now you know why perry will not allowed a fence by the borderlines of mexico. plus, cartels living in texas. with big houses and nice cars. see, perry loves the money. 77.5 million dollars for his presidential campaign. the end

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