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November 09, 2011


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msa goki

I think his campaign is done,Rick, come back home to Texas where you have mastered the art of evading debating and survives. Definitely he is not national leadership material. As a human being,at that very moment of his memory loss,i felt sincerely bad and sorry for him.


Thank God, Rick Perry's true colors are showing. Not fit for a President nor a Governor!


It is terrible to see something like that happening to someone. I feel very sorry for him. It has happened to me in several occasions, but of course I am not trying to lead a country!


as a teacher i think it was just desserts for how he has treated the teachers in Texas.


Forget a name, not that big of a deal. Forget how many states are in the Union that you want to be President of, PRICELESS! "I've now visited 57 states with one left to go". hmmmm.... so there are now 58 states?

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