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November 02, 2011


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If the daughter REALLY wanted to get her dad help, she wouldn't have posted the video on the internet. Instead she would have seeked help for him. She has ruined his life for something he did in 2004.


Family values at work.....nice work righties....


she ruined his life? REALLY? Why don't you think about that statement.


SM's post is troubling at best.

"She has ruined his life for something he did in 2004"

"She" did not ruin his life. "He" ruined his own life.

That diffusion of responsibility is extremely serious. We are 100% percent responsible for our own actions.


hey Elaine don't make this a right vs left issue. This is one person who has a problem. This isn't family values. Educate yourself before you comment.

This couple should be ashamed and held accountable.


SM: Do you really think he is not the same person he was in 2004? Do you really think this was an isolated incident of abuse? He should be punished severely, and his wife should be held accountable for her behavior. I didn't see him forcing her to hit her daughter.

T Halland

Im a 'righty' I'm a tea party fan and I think this man was utterly subhuman and should be in Jail right now.

We are about individual rights and this young woman's rights were appallingly violated.

Wendy Wharton

utterly disgusting, in my book. Had a hard time getting through the video. The poor girl. Who would ever re-elect this disgusting individual again? Preying on a disabled young girl. He needs help alright, maybe a good beating for him.


i am a father of 4 children, having a kid, sometime they are bad or naughty. I also spank (but not like this 17x?) one or two of my kids when they were young as part of my discipline and look at them right now? On is an Engineer, a Nurse, a Navy (MCPO) Master Chief Petty Officer and an Accountant, I mean can't take all the credit of that they are now, but I am pretty sure that my discipline has got to do what they are now! Look at all this kid here even those 10 or 11 years old kids would talk back to their parents, whew, its really bad.


He is violent and dangerous period end of story!
Now uphold the law.

Colt Stewart

Who in Texas appointed this guy to his two Judgeships?


If this had been anyone else it would not have been a big deal.She stole and got punished. If more people disciplined their kids instead of being their friends, kids wouldn't be as disrespectful,lazy or feel so dang entitled. I am personally do not think he should lose his job over something that happened at home. Did anyone stop to this why this heck this was posted so late. The girl probably got in trouble for something else she did. If she would have gotten arrested for the illegal downloads, then people would have talked about him too.

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