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December 02, 2011


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There is some truth to the DOJ allegation that Texas House drug its feet in getting the redistricting done. Another reason to Oust Joe Strauss! With a supermajority in the House this session it is absolutely unacceptable - the level of boon doogle and stalling that the Speaker perpetrated on Texans - the mop up continues ....

Nonetheless - DOJ should end their tyranny of Texans. The map they drew violates the 1961 court imposed mandate of not drawing district lines based on racial demographics - that is exactly what the 'court' just did! Drawing Hispanic or Black districts. What happened to King's dream everyone being Americans? not hyphenated americans! Wake up people!

Rudy Gonzales

Thomas E. Perez pretty well stated the obvious on Greg Abbott's repeated interference in the process. Everything stated was in fact true and valid, and Abbott should have consulted with those in the know on the proper proceedings in this matter. It seems like Abbott will stop at nothing to shut down any new representation by the minorities in Texas. But, this is exactly what happens in a one party state.

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