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December 06, 2011


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Any chance he has learned that we only have 50 states?


Really? It was so obviously a joke. Get a life!

J. A. Hartman

Where did my comment go ?

J. A. Hartman

@ Karen T.

Oh really just a joke ? Wake up, lady ! The man has an agenda it's dumb down America, face it.

I think Perry is the man to make America great again but it doesn't look good for him in the polls. That's because people haven't really gotten to know him well enough. He's a good man though with a sharp mind and also looks presidential. Also his wife is doing some really great charity in Texas unlike Michelle NObama with her vanilla gardening nonsense which is so totally European (and take a close hard look where Europe stands today that's where we're headed as well with the NObamas).

(I'm really curious whether mods will censor this as well. What is this Soviet Russia ???)

C.A. Buster

Actually, the person speaking the comment is the joke.

J. A. Hartman

I still can't believe our so called commander in chief messed that one up... .

I mean how stupid can you be ?

J. A. Hartman

Obama is so stooooooooooooooooooooooopid!

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