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January 01, 2012


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jan west

what a waste of money, he is in it strickly for the looks only. he will completely destroy the chances of getting Obama out of office by splitting the votes

your mommy

So the media circus continues


The more parties we have running the better. We need to completely break down this corrupt corporate controlled two party system. The tea baggers stayed in the Republican party and have proved with their antics and the debacle they have created in the House that they are not capable of governing. If Trump runs on at third party he will pull lots of Dem's, Independents, and moderate Republicans who don't like bible thumpers and tea baggers.It is also be nice to see Johnson run Libertarian ticket. The new American Elect party(rumored to to be waiting to put J Bush in as their candidate if Ron Paul wins the nomination.I would hope that Ron Paul and his supporters would come to their senses and realize that the hierarchy of the GOP will never let Ron Paul become the nominee.The only way they will ever get Ron Paul on a national ticket is to go third party. It has to be done pretty fast Johnson left the Republican party an is now a candidate for Libertarian party nomination.There are also strong rumors of Trump coming out for a run( some fools completely dismiss Trump but you do so at your own peril).Ron Paul needs to get into the libertarian party and take control. America is right for a third party. Americans are fed up with the my way or the highway, no compromise crowd.The Republican party has been hijacked by self righteous bible thumping religious fanatics and tea bagging lunatics. The Dem's can't seem to do anything because of total gridlock due to the Republican party not wanting to do anything for jobs, economy or the middle class people, their only objective is to keep the economy down so as keep Obama from being reelected. I believe that if trump makes an all out run with his money, this could be a very interesting race.We Independents will support any viable candidate that has that has good name recognition and run third party hopefully with a populist platform. Go Donald Trump.

Billy Bob Thornton



Packeryman you have to be kidding with that post! What a joke!


Oh my. The clown car keeps rolling. Trump has no intention of running for President. He's already been eaten alive and made to look stupid. This is to get people to watch The Apprentice--AGAIN. When will all the silly people expecting this to happen get it?

Trust me--Democrats signed the idiot up in Texas

Trump is a clown who has gone into bankruptcy numerous times. Lost half of his inherited money and is clearly an embarrassment to anyone with a brain. And no way does he want ANY of his financials perused.

He changes parties like he changes socks. He voted for President Obama in 2008 and has been a democrat, republican--now independent and I'm sure he'll become a libertarian soon enough and vote the socialist ticket in a couple of years and in five he will be with the Green Party.

THE MAN IS PAWNING EVERYONE, but people keep biting like half wits. So sad.

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