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January 31, 2012


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Florida was penalized and can only give out 25 delegates. STOP saying Romney got 50. Do you research don't re-post what the media spoon feeds you.


Nothing funnier than a know-it-all blowhard ... "schooling" others. When they are completely wrong.

Florida had 99 delegates - we were indeed penalized, however, you have the total residual delegates wrong and the article is correct. Florida Now has 50 winner takes all delegates.

I suggest YOU do the research, and stop making crap up!


Michael Steele said "rule 15" which I wrote says Florida is proportional in 2012 - so which is it - proportional as per the RNC or winner-takes-all as per the Florida Republican Committee ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


You're delegate count is way off...

Paul has 10
Santorum has 8...

Romney has 66
Gingrich has 25

46 of 50 States left, 1144 delegates needed to win...

... LOTS of time left.


Do your research. No Iowa delegates will be chosen until March at the state convention.. Even then Iowa delegates are uncommitted so we wont find out who they vote for until the RNC. So as of right now everyone has 0 Iowa delegates. 12 committed NH delegates were awarded. Romney 7, Paul 3, Huntsman 2. When Huntsman dropped out and endorsed Romney, His 2 delegates went to Romney. So coming out of NH Romney had 9 delegates, Paul had 3, Gingrich 0, Santorum 0. In SC Romney won 1 congressional district, So he was awarded 2 SC delegates. Gingrich was awarded the other 23 SC delegates. So coming out of SC, Gingrich 23 delegates, Romney 11, Paul 3, Santorum 0. The only thing you were correct on? Florida is a winner take all state. Romney was awarded all 50 delegates. So as of right now Romney leads with 61 delegates, Gingrich 2nd with 23 delegates, Paul 3rd with 3 delegates, Santorum 4th with 0 delegates. Unless if you can predict the future on how the Iowa delegates will vote at the RNC, That is the official delegate count. If you don`t understand it, You should probable avoid writing about it.



I just noticed something else. You`re saying Romney has 87 delegates, Gingrich has 26 delegates, Santorum has 14, Paul has 4. That`s 131 delegates? There`s only 25 Iowa delegates, 12 NH delegates, 25 SC delegates, Florida 50 delegates. That`s 112 delegates?

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