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February 08, 2012


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Matthew Petre

Please consider supporting the true conservative in the race. Oh yeah, and he just happens to come from and live in Texas! Ron Paul 2012!

Gangsta Obama

Rick will be the next POTUS. Go Rick!!!

Todd Owens

My view on Santorum matched what aVoiceofReason from the dailypaul.com:
"Hey Republicans- just FYI- I will never, under any circumstances, vote for Rick Santorum- so you can just forget about that idea right now. I will not vote for someone so entangled with lobbyists, and who was a lobbyist himself- someone who was part of the problem. I will not vote for someone who supports big government spending. I will not vote for someone who lost their Senate race by over 20%. I will not vote for someone who has promised to start a nuclear war with Iran, who would draft me, and send me off to die, or who would put my family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens in jeopardy here in this country or around the world. I will not waste my vote on someone who isn't even on the ballot in several states, and thus cannot possibly win the nomination. I will not vote for someone with an infamous record of ethics charges. I will not vote for someone who espouses vitriol against certain members of our society and would rate some as second-rate citizens. I will not vote for crazy.

"Even though I agree with Obama on nothing, I think I would even consider voting for Obama, just to prevent Santorum from ever being President. The crap that comes out of Santorum's mouth is the perfect analogy for his internet namesake."


Send Money to Rick! He needs it to beat back the Millionaire Massachusetts Liberal and his Chicago Gangsta Thug Protege.


Mitt has no Chicago Gangsta Thug Protege and he is not Liberal. That is a myth. He is Conservative whether you like to hear it or not. He is Pro-life. His 42 years marriage probe that. Fiscally conservative in Mass and much more no Ethics violation. How much more conservative you need to know except people's shallow belief like yours.

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