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February 28, 2012


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Hmmm, the Line Item Veto granted to Clinton was struck down by the courts because the president cannot legislate. SO what gives the judicial branch the right to legislate? With the exception of the age of those allowed to vote, voting, districts, registration has always been a state's right. At what point in time will the federal government stay out of state's business which their constitution covers. Don't use the Voting Rights Act or Civil Rights violations. The voting rights act was to ensure voters have the right to vote and since illegal aliens can't vote, they have no say so in who represents them, just that they are represented. It's time that US citizens and only the citizens are included in these equations and suits. If these subjected people want to have a say so in our government let them become citizens, pandering to them doesn't give them any incentive to become legal.


The courts have NO BUSINESS sticking their noses in this subject. We elected our State Senators and State Representatives back in 2010 to perform this redistricting. They did it. Period.

All voting districts should be bounded by relatively permanent, physical, easily recognized landmarks such as river beds, freeways, railroad tracks, or major thoroughfares. And they should be as simple in shape as possible (unlike district 33 above). Ethnicity or race should not be considered.

Jeff L

Three words....what a joke!

Dave Johnson

All this and Wendy still gets her old district as it's always been...Good for her...

Vern V

Nice job of Octopussing up the Dems and removing them from Joe's district.

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