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September 12, 2012


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Dana Mattox Deutsch

More families torn apart because they aren't giving families to find their animal. It is very sad, when and ANIMAL control does not take into account the animals and their families.24 hours before giving the dog away to rescue. Im sorry, so many people have no idea where to turn. It takes them, sometimes, a few days to get information and have people direct them. 72 hours is going to kill alot of family members


First of all, the animal shelter can't speak. Second, it is simply not true that a healthy, adoptable animal has not been euthanized since April 2010 and I understood the 'shelter" was going to quit using this quote. It's not true. And turning people away won't save their animals; they will simply abandon them. If people don't care enough to keep the pets anyway, they are not going to go to the trouble to "go out and find someone to take their pet." Does that mean the shelter is only for strays now? Budget! Everyone knows "owner surrenders" are among the first to die in the shelters. I'm disappointed.


I have had the 70% Quickcare Gold coverage for 2 years for both my dogs. While my first dog has had a pretty decent reimbursment rate for allergies, she has almost maxed out her coverage in this catagory (where she needs it the most). Beware, the max coverage ($3,000 per catagory)amounts DO NOT renew annually


The decision to not accept healthy pet surrenders will have disastrous consequences for the city of Fort Worth. In an ideal world, people would be responsible pet owners and not surrender a healthy pet to animal control. But reality is much different. The number of abandoned animals and strays will increase, therefore increasing sick and injured animals. Already burdened rescue groups will be called upon even more to solve the problems. This decision is going to come back to haunt the city of Fort Worth.

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