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March 15, 2008

Most carriers except Northwest match fare hike

All the major legacy airlines except Northwest Air have matched the $4-$52 roundtrip fare hike that United Airlines launched Thursday night, Rick Seaney of farecompare.com says in an email message. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and US Airways matched Friday night, and Continental matched early today, Seaney said. Northwest is the "lone legacy airline holdout," he said.

"Northwest has been the last to match over the weekends of the past several increases, so I full expect them to match most likely Saturday evening," Seaney said.

Stay tuned to this space. Seaney expects more news after tonight's industy "airfare distribution."

-- Scott Nishimura


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Patriot Pete

NWA does not want to make money. This way they can claim they are broke and go to the employees for another round of paycuts. Then management can claim that they saved the airline and reward themselves with a huge bonus. They may even declare bankruptcy and shed billions more in debt. Chapter 11 is a tool for todays executives. It worked before!


It's clear that Lloyd Hill and his wayward American Airlines pilots are behind the NWA fare hike.

Kudos to AMR management for not caving in to APA on this egregious power grab.



North West London Glaziers

The price of crude oil has gone as high as $111 per barrel lately so you have to expect these increases. The question is will they decrease the cost when the price of oil falls again?

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