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February 18, 2011

American recalls 200 more flight attendants

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants is telling its members that another 200 flight attendants will be recalled by American Airlines this year.

This is in addition to the 368 that were announced last week, the union said. The new deal puts 100 furloughed flight attendants back to work by July 15 and another 100 at work by October 15.

"This is tremendous news," said APFA president Laura Glading in a statement. "I am extremely happy that even more people will be back to work. People who've been struggling for a long time will be given a chance to better support their families. I look forward to welcoming everyone on the recall list back to work, and this agreement will permit that happen."

The Fort Worth-based carrier is also agreeing to let the 228 flight attendants that are still on the furlough list, which are primarily workers from TWA, to remain on the recall list with unlimited recall rights. The union says that many of these workers would have fallen off the furlough list on November 1.

In return, American can hire up to 30 new flight attendants who speak Chinese Mandarin. These new flight attendants will be based in Los Angeles and staff routes to China, including American's new route from LAX to Shanghai which is expected to launch in April.

"We welcome our new and returning flight attendants to service and value their integral role in providing an outstanding onboard experience for our customers," said American spokeswoman Missy Latham.

-Andrea Ahles


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Wow are any of them under 60yrs old


Whadda ya wanna bet that 200 of the first 368 refused to come back just to pad ARPEY's BONUS.


OMG, An outstanding on board experience.........And for the likelyhood of recommending you will get $25.00 a month extra.....Would a new hire recommend??????????????// I would recommend that you find a much better company to work for......And this advice is worth more than $25.00 a month

Butch Sickels

AA is hiring but says they are losing money? I'm not against big business but there is some thing wrong here. This does need a investigation.

panderboy the moronic troll strikes again!!!

panderturd, shouldn't your "sentence" have a "?" at the end of it?

exactly what language is "whadda ya"?

andrea may need to help you with grammar and sentence structure after all.

how's the job search coming along?


these are all supposedly laid off/furloughed ex twa people that were treated very badly by aa when they took over twa..why on earth would these same people want to return to work for aa because of that unless they were desperate for a job?? i think ist is a ploy to keep the union from the strike agenda they have going..also, to one of the above comments..i am 60 and being 60 or older doesnt make you less attractvie, less intelligent or less capable of handling a job, so shut up!!

Alberto Knox

Wow, just think of those 200 lucky "girls" all excited getting ready to go back to work... doing their hair, getting their bags packed, putting in their good set of teeth... "Do these new Depends™ make my butt look fat?"


The anti-AA people mocking this are getting old to me. This is truly great news for those who get to go back to work. For all the complaining I read in the comments on this blog about how bad AA's management is supposed to be, I doubt that a growing airline that is bringing back workers is a sign of bad management.


i really don,t think aa is loosing money at all. someone blew the whistle , so now aa is calling back people for the time being so an internal audit can be avoided. after the storm blows over and everyone is paid to shut up, american will lay them off again. it never fails. and yes i think an internal investigation should be conducted and now!


Cat, the only investigation that should be conducted is how you were ever able to get a job with a respectable company.

Next round of layoffs should start with you, since you're so miserable working there.

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