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February 25, 2011

Another look at the APFA's decision to let American hire Chinese-speaking FAs

Emotions are still flying high after American Airlines and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants agreed to allow the Fort Worth-based carrier to hire 30 new Chinese-speaking flight attendants even though there are still more than 200 flight attendants on furlough.

A few e-mails forwarded to some flight attendants from their board representatives outline a non-official reason that APFA was willing to go along with American's demands.

According to these e-mails, the outgoing St. Louis flight attendant chairperson had been working with Missouri Rep. Russ Carnahan to get the APFA to extend furlough rights to all of the former TWA flight attendants or else Carnahan was going to attach an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration authorization bill in Congress that would reinstate the TWAers full seniority.

"Instead of [APFA President] Laura [Glading] getting a concession from the company on this speaker issue, she (WE) were basically blackmailed into finding a middle ground we could all live with," wrote San Francisco base chairperson Bob Ross in one e-mail.

Keep reading to see the e-mails that give a look inside the APFA board meeting on this issue.

-Andrea Ahles


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What a bunch of crap. APFA got AMPLE protections for its employees in that agreement. I still can't believe there is this much heat over 30 jobs, when they are rock bottom of the seniority list.

This is a great illustration of how unions ruin competition in business. AA needed a specific skill set and instead gets nothing but hassle from a bunch of union hacks.


If you are flying to China, then one would think it makes perfect sense to hire people that speak the language. If blackmail is the new term given to common sense, then kudos to blackmail.

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