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March 30, 2011

A look at the "headquarters" of AMR's would-be buyer

Here at Sky Talk, we love our readers.

Particularly readers like David Oakes, a Davie, Fla. resident who was more than a little curious about Wednesday's news that a Davie firm called Sterling Global headed up by Allen Weintraub had offered to buy out American AIrlines' parent company, AMR Corp., for $3.25 billion.

5301 S. University Drive Oakes decided to drive by the mailing address that Sterling Global used on its letterhead sent to AMR and here's what Oakes, a former reporter, found:

"Used more than 15 years ago by as local cable company’s repair and dispatch center, the one-story, flat-roofed building fronts a busy six-lane road that cuts through Davie and runs the length of Broward County, FL. A knock on the metal door of Suite B produced no answer. Entering, I passed through a short narrow hallway into a waiting area cluttered with file folder boxes and with two men, one in a T-shirt, sitting at a round white plastic table. Asked if they knew Mr. Weintraub, they shook their heads no. One man pointed toward another man sitting behind a desk in an office, and he, too, said he didn't know him.

IMG_2330 "A toilet flushed and a man who appeared to be in his late 50s walked out of a bathroom. Asked if he was Mr. Weintraub, he said, no. He identified himself as an attorney and said Mr. Weintraub was his client. Asked if he was aware that Mr. Weintraub had made an offer for American Airlines' parent company, the attorney grimaced and said he didn't know that. He seemed surprised when told that Mr. Weintraub was using his mailing address."

-Andrea Ahles


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Mitchell Stern

I love it!!
Good work Jay.

Liberty A.

Someone at AMR trying to boost the stock price? Bonuses for the top execs are awarded next month.




To get the correct info on the buyer will cost you a $150.00 fee!

I heard today they will also start charging soon a "Fart Fee".

They need to improve their overall service, not their fees!


why would the SEC want to investigate
management at AA

They would NEVER hatch such folly!

If I was a Wall Street heavyhitter who got hurt yesterday from this alledgedly bogus offer, I would sic the SEC dogs on whoever @ AA went public with the offer before verifying it.


I just love how some of you idiots manage to turn this into something bad AA did, when back in reality AA was the victim of a scam.

Keep it logical.

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