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March 08, 2011

D/FW Airport gets goverment approval for charter flights to Cuba

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is one of eight airports that received government clearance on Tuesday to offer passenger charter flights to Cuba.

Atlanta, Chicago O'Hare, Baltimore-Washington, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Fla. and San Juan, Puerto Rico were also approved for these flights, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced.

"Given the airport's position as a major mid-continent hub with numerous domestic connections, D/FW would be an optimum choice for charter service providers to operate flights to Cuba," said D/FW Airport chief executive Jeff Fegan.

Currently, Miami, Los Angeles and New York's JFK airport are the only facilities allowed to fly charter flights to Cuba. In January, the Obama Administration relaxed rules for travel between Cuba and the U.S., inviting airports to apply for gateway status to the country.

But don't book your trip to Cuba just yet. The approval is only for charter flights and the passengers must meet certain travel requirements. Regular commercial air service to Cuba was banned 50 years ago after Fidel Castro gained control of the island country.

-Andrea Ahles


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If we would simply remove the restrictions on Cuban anything we have in place presently, the Castro regime would fall in a heartbeat.

Needing a bad guy close to home to continue fear within America of communism, our politicians kept Cuba as the proverbial bad boy but now that China is drilling for oil close the Cuba's shores, big oil is helping change all that.

How soon we forget - there is a granite wall in Washington, DC with over 55,000 names on it who fought and died in a country that is STILL communist with which we have trade relations - why? The Tonkin Gulf is full of oil and is now peppered with drilling rigs.

Remember, boys and girls - Cuba has had nothing to offer the USA until now.

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