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June 22, 2011

Southwest flight attendants union considering EEOC complaint

Southwest Airlines' flight attendants union is considering filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after it was revealed this week that a pilot made several derogatory comments about flight attendants over an open air traffic control channel.

The Transport Workers Union Local 556, which represents 9,400 flight attendants at Southwest, said it was dismayed by the response from Southwest management.

"Calling this broadcast a 'private conversation' cannot dismiss this incident," said Thom McDaniel, president of TWU Local 556. "There is no place in our workplace for any conversation that demeans, insults and discriminates against other employees.....Bigotry in the workplace is bad business and unacceptable behavior on the ground and at 30,000 feet."

The pilot, who called flight attendants "grannies" and "grandes" and used expletives to describe his flight crew, was suspended following the March 25 incident.

Keep reading for the full statement from McDaniel.

-Andrea Ahles


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Louise Santana

I am shocked at what a big deal is made of nothing. Grow up!!!! I heard what the pilot said and it was so nothing. What kind of babies are you people? Grow up and quit being "victims" over nothing. This is the most pathetic example of "oh, poor us" I have ever heard, and that is saying a lot!

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