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July 13, 2011

Airlines fly full planes in June, but traffic at legacy carriers appears weak

Airlines continue to fly very full planes this summer but analysts are concerned with soft June traffic numbers for legacy carriers.

The two biggest carriers in the U.S., United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, both posted decreases in June passenger traffic numbers. Fort Worth-based American Airlines and US Airways reported only modest traffic increases for the start of the summer travel season.

Analysts were pleased with low-cost carriers as Dallas-based Southwest Airlines had a 7.5 percent passenger traffic gain while JetBlue Airways saw a 7.2 percent increase in passenger traffic for the month.




Load Factor

Percentage Point

Alaska Airlines

7.9 percent

6.8 percent

85.4 percent

0.9 points

American Airlines

1.3 percent

1.8 percent

86.3 percent

-0.5 points

American Eagle

18.6 percent

16.7 percent

78.3 percent

1.2 points

Delta Air Lines

-1.5 percent

0.2 percent

86.0 percent

-1.4 points

JetBlue Airways

7.2 percent

10.0 percent

82.1 percent

-2.1 points

Southwest Airlines

7.5 percent

6.2 percent

83.9 percent

1.1 points

United Airlines

-0.9 percent

0.6 percent

86.1 percent

-1.3 points

US Airways

2.5 percent

2.2 percent

86.7 percent

0.3 points

-Andrea Ahles


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There's ARPEY, in the NEGATIVE column again.

And where are ARPEY's defenders? Did he forget to give them a bonus this time around? Or did the shareholders finally demand that they do some work instead of surfing the web all day??

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