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July 28, 2011

American reaches tentative agreement with simulator techs and pilot instructors

American Airlines said it has reached tentative agreements with two of its smaller work groups.

The contracts cover the simulator technician workgroup and the ground school and simulator pilot instructor workgroup, the Fort Worth-based carrier said. There are 80 simulator techs and 160 ground school/pilot instructors.

Details of the tentative agreements were not released by the company but American said it is expected that the Transport Workers Union, who represents the groups, will provide details to its members.

"These tentative agreements provide our simulator technicians and ground school and simulator pilot instructors with market-based compensation, including structural increases, and enhancements to other contract items such as vacation and holidays," said American spokeswoman Missy Cousino.

The TWU issued a short statement on its website that a tentative agreement had been reached for the membership to vote on.

-Andrea Ahles


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It will be very interesting to see what the groups agreed to. I hope this is a harbinger of further agreements.


Sounds like negotiations, for the most part, are bearing some fruit. This is great news and hope it sticks.


That is really good news. I hope it is a positive sign for the rest of us. If they vote for it that makes 3 out of 7, right?


It's easy to throw out a bone to 240 saps. Here's a day of vacation back to you and here is a day of sick leave and here is an extra .20 cents an hour for the next 8 years. God almighty, we have outdone ourselves again boys. Now bring on more executive stock bonuses...........

John S

From what I read it's far more than $.20 cents an hour. Nor it is an eight year contract. As usual the "hate AA at all costs" crowd is doing its best to disparage what might actually be a good thing for some AA employees.

I get the feeling you're the type who would vote against a 25% raise just because it wasn't 30%.


Yeah well John S you don't read very good. It has been over 8 1/2 years since AA got their Union approved concessions so tell us how much you really know Twit. You either work for this bunch of company sucks or you are a company suck management stooge who lost nothing. It's obvious. A good thing for AA employees? It might be a good thing for company stooges like you but yeah, it is an 8 YEAR CONTRACT PROPOSAL, Lackey........

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