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July 13, 2011

Former TWA pilots prevail in lawsuit against ALPA

A federal jury in New Jersey said that the Air Line Pilots Association did not fairly represent former TWA pilots' interests when the carrier merged with American Airlines.

The lawsuit, filed by ex-TWA pilots in 2002, said the union pressured TWA members during the merger discussions and acted in bad faith as ALPA and the Allied Pilots Association, which represents American's pilots, negotiated a seniority list. American bought TWA's assets out of bankruptcy in 2001 for $4.2 billion.

The jury also found that ALPA's "violation of its duty of fair representation," caused injury to some of TWA's pilots. The jury  has not yet been decided the amount of damages that should be awarded to the former TWA employees.

-Andrea Ahles




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It is just too bad that the TWA people were losing their company of employment, let alone having their own Union turn against them after paying for representation from AlpA.

see me fly high

It's about time the underdogs got a fair shake and the real TRUTH was able to be told !!! Hip Hip Hooray for TWA!!!!

Mike O'Toole

What about the retired former TWA pilots that had their medical benefits prices raised so high that we could not afford to keep it and were reduced to a much lower classification for our travel benefits? Do we get any compensation?

Frederick Eigl

The former TWA pilots should be thankful AMR purchased them otherwise they would have all lost their jobs and their retires would have no benefits. Let's face it, they were bankrupt at the time. It was a dumb move for AMR. They should have let them go bankrupt then pick up the pieces that they wanted for .25 on a dollar. Just like they did with Eastern Airlines.


TWA was forced to file bankruptcy in order for the purchase to take effect. There is no evidence that TWA would have been liquidated and the employees would have lost their jobs. That is pure speculation. These employees were taken advantage of, pure and simple. Put yourself in their shoes.


I and thousands of other AA employees subsidized the TWA fiasco. Forgive me if I am not sympathetic to your pathetic plight. Look to your slobbering lipped messiah Don Carty for patronage.


you are right. pilot wife. AA always speaks with a fork tongue.


You are right TWA and Eastern were both in a bad spot...but when your own union turns on you who can you turn to for help.

John S

Folks, TWA was done. If it hadn't filed for bankruptcy when it did, it certainly would have after 9/11, and I'm talking liquidation bankruptcy, not reorganization.

Yet another airline that union stupidity destroyed. I'll never understand why airline employees put up with this kind of stuff.


Who is it that runs an Air Line into the ground, Management or Pilots and there Union representation ? If you like we could all be working in sweat shops and waiting for the good will of management to make our lives better or you could try to organize a collective voice to speak to management and negotiate a better working condition and future for all to appreciate or you could just take pay cuts and let management take a little bigger bonus for their hard work... You decide

Richard D. Greenfield

I am a lawyer doing research for an article on the TWA Pilots/ALPA litigation. In particular, I am interested in facts beyond what is in the trial testimony. I would be interested in receiving information as to who made critical decisions in connection with this case, which lawyers were "calling the shots" and whether any of those lawyers and/or officers/Board members of ALPA should be held accountable for the result.

Richard D. Greenfield whitehatrdg@earthlink.net

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