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September 16, 2011

Obama to Taiwan: No new F-16s

F-16 Reports out today in Washington say that President Obama has approved a new arms sales package for Taiwan but that it does not include the 66 F-16 fighter jets the island nation wants to buy from Lockheed Martin.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who has pushed the administration to make a decision and to sell new F-16s to Taiwan, issued the following statemnt:

“If the reports are true, today’s capitulation to Communist China by the Obama Administration marks a sad day in American foreign policy, and it represents a slap in the face to a strong ally and long time friend.

 “This sale would have been a win-win, bolstering the national security of two democratic nations and supporting jobs for an American workforce that desperately needs them.” 

Lockheed would have built the F-16s in its Fort Worth plant, where about 2,000 workers are directly employed in production.

Sens. Cornyn and Robert Menendez, D-N.J. on Monday introduced legislation to require the Obama Administration to sell F-16s to Taiwan.  

Cornyn said several recent letters to the President have demonstrated overwhelming bipartisan congressional support for the sale and that a recent study done by a private consulting firm estimated that the sale of 66 F-16s to Taiwan would generate approximately $8.7 billion in economic output and nearly 88,000 ‘person-years’ of employment across the U.S.

- Bob Cox


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Obama the commie giving in to a country of commies - sounds reasonable to me ...


Anyone know what threat China made to the Obama administration?

Michael Soon

Once again a leader with no backbone bows down to communist Chinese pressure.


At the rate China is growing what is the chance Taiwan will end up under Chinese control before 2020? If I was a betting person I would take that bet. Two things to consider: 1) We might not get paid if full and the Chinese would end up with 66 brand new F-16s. 2) Taiwan is unlikely to find any other country willing to tic off the #2 largest economy by selling them front line weapons. Anybody want to sell Egypt more advanced weapons?


Taiwan won't make it pass January 20th 2013.

China knows full well that oBama will never honor our treaty with Taiwan nor come to their aid.

China will strike Taiwan before oBama is kicked out of office next year.


If the F16 was made in China or used solar panals from a crony capitalsit lackey of the administration the sale would go through fast as lard on a hot skittle


Listen, RedEye:

Your prediction is a lot MORE LIKELY to come true now that Obummer has thrown the Taiwanese under the bus. Obama is dedicated to the destruction of this country and all its friends and allies. We should be selling the Taiwanese all the F-22's, F/A-18's, top line SAMs, Abrams tanks, nuclear submarines, and any other front-line weapons that they can pay for. Obama is a chickens--t commie who should be impeached for failure to live up to his oath of office.


But lets see, his labor advisor can move GE"s services from the US to CChina? What?

Rosalie Garvin

what is all this talk from OBAMA about creating jobs???Now he wants to take jobs away from people who are working. Doesn't make any sense to me.

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