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October 25, 2011

After two months of searching, American finds Jack the Cat

320700_148051038618189_143108332445793_248668_271869070_nCat lovers rejoice! The search is over!

After two months of searching, Jack the Cat has been found by American Airlines. The Fort Worth-based carrier lost the cat on August 25 after its owner Karen Pascoe had checked the cat in to American before she boarded a flight to California.

On its Facebook page late Tuesday evening, American posted this message:

"American Airlines is happy to announce that Jack the Cat has been found safe and well at JFK airport. American's team of airport employees have been focused on the search effort since Jack escaped on August 25, 2011. Jack was found in the customs room and was immediately taken by AA team members to the airport vet service, VetPort, where a microchip scan confirmed that the cat is indeed Jack. VetPort has advised that Jack is healthy, safe and well.

"American's priority was advising Jack's owner, Ms Pascoe, which occurred immediately after he was identified.  Now we are also happy to advise all other Friends of Jack of this wonderful news. American will fly Jack to California to be reunited with Ms Pascoe.

"The ongoing search efforts to locate Jack have included many employees at the airport who have remained vigilant in their search and committed to finding Jack. We thank the Friends of Jack for their ongoing search efforts outside the JFK perimeter and share everyone's relief that he has been found."

Official confirmation came a half hour later from the Facebook page "Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage" that is operated by Karen's sister.

"Jack was scanned and the chip company (24hour pet watch) was the first to contact Karen. At this point, we are pretty certain that this IS Jack!!!! Our team on the ground in Queens is going to the vet where Jack is...Jack is NOT at the VetPort. He is at an emergency vet in Queens where he will have 24 hour care. The vet reported to Karen that he is dehydrated and has lost a good amount of weight, though she said that all things considered, he wasn't in bad shape. As soon as I get pictures, I will share them. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!" she posted at 10:20 p.m. CST.

Facebook users and Twitter folks pressured American to find Jack the Cat, prompting the carrier to hold several searches, fly Ms. Pascoe back to New York to look for Jack, and even hire a pet detective. Here is our original post on the lost cat.

So it's a happy ending to this cat's tale. Hope he has a nice flight out to Cali.

-Andrea Ahles




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God bless everyone involved in this little cat's disappearance and discovery for their hope, faith and patience. Many possibly cannot understand the overwhelming concern of so many for such a tiny little kitty. But I can tell you what loss of a friend and pet like this means - I lost two that were both 14 - had them both since kittens - their love and sweetness carried me through many a difficult time - lost them both in the pet food recall. Bless this little guy and his friends - it's the small things in life that really do mean the most. Thank you everyone.

Gailey Price

Apparently, a significant number of cats were rounded up today at JFK under the direction of American Airlines during a search for Jack. THESE ANIMALS HAVE BEEN SENT TO A HIGH KILL SHELTER. There are details of the the cats, PREDOMINANTLY KITTENS, some as young as eight weeks on the Friends of Jack FB page. click on the link below: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jack-The-Cat-is-Lost-in-AA-Baggage-at-JFK/143108332445793?sk=wall&filter=1

I have politely suggested to American Airlines, under their proud announcement on their FB page that it might go some way to restoring their integrity, to pledge to save the lives of these animals - THAT THEY HAD "RESCUED". Can I invite you to find and like my post and make similar PUBLIC requests to them. The news about Jack is fantastic and a long time coming. I fear these poor animals will not have the luxury of the two months it took AA to find Jack. Thank you.


Thank goodness! I was afraid that early on an airlines employee had found him and taken him home, as he is a cute cat, and then was afraid to return him with all the publicity. If he was found in Customs, I think it's a big place, but how good is the security if the cat could get in and stay hidden. They have lots of valuable cargo in that area. I'm sure we'll hear more of the details later. Welcome home Jack!


Why'd it take 2 months for them to scan the microchip & get back to the owner?


Just goes to show, when corporate employees buckle down, they can get things done....In two months.



I challenge you to investigate the charges made by Gailey Price in the second comment above. If they are not true, you will have done AA a big favor. If they are true, IT SHOULD BE REPORTED, just as Jack's return has been.

Change my mind about your journalistic ethics.

Robert Dwight Charter

This had a happy ending. A microchip is a valuable aid should your pet become missing. Invest in your furballs!

Vacation Rentals By Owner

How long was cutie Jack have been lost? Was it really for 2 months? If so, we should put genuine numbers in displaying some information with links on it as a proof.

Anyway, so glad that Jack, the cutie Cat was found. Must have been an agony for the owner. Welcome back Jack!! :)


What does a microchip have to do with this? Didn't he fall out of a ceiling tile in the customs area?

Hope he recovers and is back with his owner as soon as possible.

Debbie McClendon

I just stumbled on this story about Jack and since the 1st anniversary of Jack going missing is August 25 2012 I wanted to give an update on him. I am a FOJ (friend of Jack) who is part of a large and close family since we came together to help find Jack. He was found, a microchip would not have helped since he was in the ceiling and since he went without proper nutrition for 2 months he could not heal and lost his battle 12 days after being found. He never had a chance to recover from fatty liver disease and other health issues even with the excellent care given to him by Blue Pearl Vets in NYC. The cats rounded up during the search for Jack were ALL saved by our group who helped get them out of the NYC ACC and good homes were found for them, many of them with our own FOJ's. Please remember Karen Pascoe and Jack as the 1st anniversary of AA losing Jack is on August 25. You need to check out the blog and see all that is being done to ensure pet safety during while flying.Visit Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK for more info. There is now a WIJ (Where is Jack) non profit organization to make sure this never happens again. Thank you

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