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October 28, 2011

North Texas muncipal airports to get state funds for improvements

About $10 million will be spent on airfield improvements at Meacham and Arlington airports in Tarrant County after the Texas Transportation Commission on Thursday approved the funds. At Arlington Municipal Airport, $6.41 million was awarded for taxiway improvements. At Fort Worth’s Meacham Airport, $3.13 million was awarded for apron construction.

Most of the money comes from the federal highway trust fund, and is filtered to various airports through a state block grant program, Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman Penny Mason said. Statewide, about $60 million is available for 275 “community” airports, which are often used for agricultural, medical, business and commuter purposes.

-Gordon Dickson


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You wrote "Most of the money comes from the federal highway trust fund"
Shouldn't the money have come through the Airport and Airway Trust Fund (AATF) or Airport Improvement Program (AIP). There is a shortage of funds to build and maintain highways to the point we have to use toll roads, but we can use those same funds to build taxiways at local airports.


Another case of our Federal Government misusing our tax dollars ! !

If they want to improve taxiways and ramp areas, they should be up front about it and VOTE DIRECTLY for this expenditure -- they should not divert funds from the Federal Highway Slush Fund. Those dollars should be used to ELIMINATE TOLL ROADS.

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