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December 21, 2011

FAA issues new pilot fatigue rules

Airlines have two years to conform to the Federal Aviation Administration's overhaul, which domes three years after a Buffalo, N.Y., crash of a regional jet that killed 50. Carriers had argued the rule would cost them $2 billion, but the FAA says it's closer to $300 million.

Here's the Associated Press report.


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Captain Travis of IPA has a very good point--that FAA's new rule is contrary to FAA's oft-promoted "Single Level of Safety" approach. The fact that FAA feels the new rule shouldn't apply to UPS, Fedex, and other "boxhaulers" due to the lack of economic return-on-investment fails to consider that the non-traveling public (you know, the ones that exist underneath potential falling wreckage) have just as much "worth" as the folks on passenger-carrying flights that will enjoy the safety benefits of the new crew rest rules. Both NTSB and ALPA have also issued statements that mirror IPA's position.

Ever hear the slogan trotted out that "Safety is our top priority?" As they used to say in the Hertz car rental commercials, the truth is "Not exactly..."

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