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February 06, 2012

APFA says American is offering 500 flight attendants option for voluntary leave

The union for American Airlines' flight attendants said on Sunday that the Fort Worth-based carrier was offering a voluntary leave program for flight attendants that will start on April 1.

The overage leave plan is not related to the last week's American restructuring plan that would layoff 2,300 flight attendants.

Here is the hotline message from Laura Glading, president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.

"This week American announced that they would be opening voluntary options to help manage a current overage of 500 Flight Attendants. This overage is a result of capacity reductions made to their 2012 plan.
"As a result, voluntary options will open this week with an effective date of April 1. We are finalizing the details for the types of options and balloting time lines with the company and will announce them via this Hotline.
"APFA President Laura Glading stated, "This announcement could not have come at a more difficult time than on the heels of the ridiculously insulting proposal on Wednesday.  Please know that we will do everything possible to ensure minimal impact on our Membership."

"We have 400 Flight Attendants returning from the most recent overage leaves as well as Flight Attendants whose Partnership months will conclude in March and feel confident that this round of overages will be mitigated again by overage options."

-Andrea Ahles


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More employers should offer voluntary leaves like this. It would probably lead to far fewer involuntary layoffs.

I wonder if the got the idea from voluntary vs. involuntary bumping of passengers...

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