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February 24, 2012

Laura Glading wins reelection as APFA president

Laura Glading will continue as president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents 16,000 flight attendants at American Airlines.

Glading won by a narrow margin of 150 votes, defeating DFW-based flight attendant Liz Geiss 4,434 votes to 4,284 votes.

Marcus Gluth was elected vice president, receiving 4,562 votes to Anne Loew's 4,075 votes. Jeff Pharr will also remain secretary, receiving 4,403 votes to Vicki Dale's 4,233 votes. The treasurer position will be held by Greg Gunter, who received 4,921 votes over the 3,711 votes received by Jennifer Brissette.

The APFA said it will release base voting totals later on its website.

UPDATE: Not suprisingly, the DFW base supported Geiss, casting 72 percent of its votes in her favor. Glading won the JFK, LaGuardia and Chicago bases.

-Andrea Ahles


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John S

Interesting- I wonder how this will impact the APFA contract negotiations. Glading certainly hasn't sounded the least bit reasonable so far.


Which is more surprising: her being re-elected?; or, the apathy of 12,000 flight attendants that didn't bother to vote?


Recently Ms. Glading said: "all passengers deserve and get courteous treatment from flight crews" well either she is blind or just a liar. Yes most flight attendants perform well and give courteous treatment to the flying public but as anyone who has flown much can attest there are plenty of unruly attendants whose service leaves much to be desired. Given her political views I suspect the latter as the reason for her statements. Recently disabled Americans have been the target of harassment from both TSA and a few flight attendants. Of course there are those who use their position as a reason to abuse the public because they know they can given the current climate when it comes to security while traveling. Ms. Glading open your eyes and stop lying. People like you will cause the honest flight crews to lose their jobs when the company is put out of business. Unionizing yourself out of a job is not unheard of. Think back to the American Steel industry, auto industry, or just manufacturing in general.

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