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April 04, 2012

American cancels another 424 flights on Wednesday, 94 aircraft out of service

American Airlines and American Eagle have canceled another 424 flights in and out of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport on Wednesday morning.

American spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said the airline has 94 aircraft out of service because of hail damage, 66 at American Airlines and 28 at American Eagle.

The aircraft were damaged when a severe hail storm rolled through DFW Airport around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

DFW Airport reported that 1,400 passengers stranded from Tuesday's cancellations opted to stay in the terminals overnight. Airport spokesman David Magana said the airport distributed cots, blankets, pillows and toiletry kits to passengers who requested them and the American Red Cross assisted with additional blankets.

Magana encouraged passengers traveling on Wednesday to call ahead to their airlines to find out if their flight has been canceled or is still scheduled before heading out to the airport today.

-Andrea Ahles


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P. O. Employee

and the company would probably like to send these planes to china to be repaired also. With everything they are doing to the employees while management takes more pay raises and bonuses, along with increasing the supervision ranks, I am glad to see this happen. Now you want us to work on and fix these planes? not even am I interested in helping you now.


PO Employee,

Maybe you should move on to a different career because I don't want anyone working on an aircraft who has so little grasp of reality.


Don't blame you a bit, Mr Employee.


And watch AA go Chapter 7 after Managements April bonuses are dispursed!!!


Dispersed...my bad!


Wow, the lack of intelligence and facts from some of you is shocking to me!!

First, what kind of moron would want AA to go into Chapter 7? Who do you think that would hurt more, executives who make hundreds of thousands or people like me who serve passengers on planes and barely make ends meet?

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