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April 20, 2012

American responds to union support of possible US Airways bid

American Airlines spokesman Bruce Hicks issued this statement in response to the its unions supporting a possible takeover bid by US Airways.

“American Airlines is moving steadily through the Court supervised restructuring process and the Court has granted American the exclusive right to create its plan of reorganization at least until September 28, 2012. We are making substantial progress in our efforts to return American to industry leadership, profitability and growth and maximize its value for all of its stakeholders. Our immediate next step is to pursue vital modifications to our collective bargaining agreements through the 1113 process that begins on Monday, April 23rd. We believe statements of non-binding support from union leaders for alternative proposals are no coincidence given the timing of the 1113 process. These statements do not in any way alter the company’s commitment to pursue our business plan or our focus on moving steadily through the court supervised restructuring process to create a profitable, growing industry leader. For American’s outstanding employees and loyal customers, business continues on track, as we continue to provide the safe, reliable travel experience our customers expect.”

-Andrea Ahles


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Sorry Hicks your chance has come and gone. Why don't you and steal spine Horton go back to AT&T and run them into the dirt. As an employee of AA for 26 years, I as well as most of my fellow employees - are tired of incompetent management. Always blaming employees for the AA's financial woes.

Time to move on, Doug Parker has a plan. Depending on the deal worked out between the unions at AA and US Airways - if they are as good as they sound, I would fully support that. The alternative is AA management's visionary (sic) 6 year, morale busting, joke of a contract. No thanks.

AMR Employee

Why would anyone in labor at AMR want to merge with US Airways??? It would would be the same Management mentality!!!
US Airways CEO Doug Parker learned his anti-labor and anti-union technique and policies right here at AMR!!!
That's right sports fans, right here at good old AMR School of Bad Airline Management and the Robert Crandall Management In-Breeding Program, a 1986 - 1991 alumnus no less!!! If there was a merger it would just mean a hell of alot more of the same anti-labor attitude!!!
So I ask again, Why jump out of the frying pan into the fire???


"For American’s outstanding employees and loyal customers, business continues on track, as we continue to provide the safe, reliable travel experience our customers expect."

When did AA begin to have even the slightest concern for its loyal customers or its outstanding employees? The reason you are in bankruptcy is your preoccupation with undeserved management bonuses and $30m English Townhouses. Customer service and management/employee relations were never very important.


Hey Centerport...start packing! Real Airline Managers are moving east!


This AA management has just become the laughing stock of the airline industry thanks to the 3 unions or is there a memo from Hale informing Horton and cronies of the secret meetings being held with Doug Parker that has not been leaked. There is no doubt that their 1113 hearings will be just as amusing once the unions have a go at them and we will get to see it blow up in their faces once again. And then poor old Bruce Hicks will have to explain it all away. Why do we never see Horton or hear Horton. One would think that at such a critical time in AAs history we would and should hear from the chief.



There are people that have no vision or ethics. People that can destroy a company and be oblivious to the fact that they have done it. They walk through life with blinders on. This is Corporate America at its best.

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