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April 05, 2012

Fewer cancellations at DFW but American still has 57 planes out of service

Cancellations at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport continued into a third day as American Airlines had 323 cancellations on Thursday.

American spokesman Ed Martelle said the Fort Worth-based carrier still has 57 airplanes out of service. All of American Eagle's aircraft are flying, he said.

Depending on how long American has to keep aircraft out of service to repair damage from Tuesday's hail storm will determine how significant of a financial impact the storm will have on the carrier.

"Undoubtedly the cancellations are going to have a revenue impact on American's operations," said Bill Swelbar, an airline researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "But it is too early to tell because we don't know how long these airplanes are going to be out of service."

Swelbar added that with high load factors in the industry, it is also likely that American is having difficulty rebooking customers who had their flights canceled.

Martelle said American has been focused on repairing its aircraft and won't know the cost until after the repairs are completed.

A severe hailstorm at DFW in May 2011 grounded 50 of American's aircraft for inspections. At the time the carrier said that its second quarter revenues were $60 million lower because of the extreme weather and because of lower travel demand to Japan following the earthquake and tsunami disaster in the Asian country.

-Andrea Ahles


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Southwest Airlines is flying its regular schedule.

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