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April 11, 2012

Two killed in V-22 Osprey crash in Morocco

Two marines were killed and two others were severely injured in an V-22 Osprey crash in Morocco, according to a report on aviation website FlightGlobal.

The website is reporting that the Bell-Boeing MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor was operating from the USS Iwo Jima and crashed near Agadir, Morocco.

"The US Marine Corps confirms that a Bell-Boeing MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor operating from the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima crashed near Agadir, Morocco, killing two Marines.

"The aircraft was participating in an excise with the Royal Moroccan military called Exercise African Lion. Four marines were on the MV-22 at the time of the accident. Two marines were killed, while two others were severely injured in the crash.

"The two injured marines are being medically evacuated for further treatment while the others' next of kin have been informed, the USMC says," according to the article.

Click here to read the full article.

-Andrea Ahles


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The Osprey is fundamentally flawed. Unless EVERY miniscule part of this Rube Goldberg contraption operates perfectly, IT'S GOING TO CRASH. There is NO MARGIN FOR ERROR, as there is with most normal aircraft.

It should be SCRAPPED.

A.A. Cunningham

Were that the case then they'd have been repeatedly falling out of the sky since the Osprey returned to flight in May of 2002.

Ignorant emoting is not a character trait to be publicly flaunted, unless of course you're an employee of MSNBC where it is a job requirement.


No, ACitizen, it's your logic thats fundamentally flawerd.

So...I'm guessing you believe they just got INCREDIBLY luckly over the past decade and 120,000 flight hours and had ZERO MV-22 crashes since its deployment?

And no margain for error? Have you ever even TALKED to a V-22 pilot? Many of them claim its easy and a joy to fly.

So please, do tell...whats the fundamental flaw with the V-22?

It's ok, I'll wait. Go ahead. I love hearing armchair engineers stuff their feet in their mouths.


120,000 in 10 YEARS is not a very good utilization rate. That tells me that they are a nightmare to maintain.

If it is such a great device, why has no other entity built a similar model?

Tell me what is the procedure for a failure of one of the rotors to return to he helicopter mode. The aircraft cannot be landed in that condition. Does everyone just abandon ship? What if the passengers do not have parachutes?

And how much of our money has been spent in development and purchase of these disasters PER AIRPLANE?


120,000 hours is since deployment in 2007 there, chief. 10 years is the time since the last incident for the MV22, even before deployment when still in full-on testing.

The aircraft can be landed in airplane mode and the rotors are specifically designed to broomstraw.

No other entity has built a tiltrotor because they simply do not know how. Bell OWNS the IP.


one nacelle will never raise with out the other retard you have to specifically pull breakers to do that on the ground so if one doesn't work than neither will work and theres also triple redundancy for everything not counting the procedure losul posted the v-22 is a safe aircraft look at the track record for other experimental aircraft this thing is still a baby and yes there is a lot of maintenance but that is to prevent failures its like a race car you need to make sure its running strong every single time you run it


It was a nightmare to build, and its a nightmare to maintain. And it still weeps hydraulic fluid like nothing else I have ever seen...

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