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May 24, 2012

A peek behind the curtain: Southwest's new reality TV show debuts Thursday

Come fly with me....Southwest Airlines is giving travelers an inside look at its operations with its new reality TV show, On the Fly, which debuts on Thursday.

The show, which will air on TLC at 8 p.m. CDT, will feature the Dallas-based carrier's employees going through the daily operations of a major airline. The thirteen-episode series will run every Thursday and was shot in airports across the country, including Houston Hobby and Austin's airport.

"Each episode will bring viewers along for the ride, sharing the large-scale operations at the airline, as well as personal customer stories, ranging from a surprise proposal mid-flight and a delayed dance troupe’s impromptu performance to the havoc caused by weather delays and the repercussions of a baggage belt breakdown. In this series, it’s not about the destination, but the journey to get there," the press material for the show says.

This is the second time that Southwest has shot a reality TV show. It's first foray in the mid-2000s, lasted for three seasons and was called "Airline".

Here's a quick peek that TLC posted on the website, promoting the show.

-Andrea Ahles


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Flight Simulator

Looking forward to this. I do love some of these fly on the wall shows. We had one in the Uk called Airline that was based on Easyjet London Luton and Stanstead. Great show, people get so stressed at airports, but I just love it.


The autoplay of the clip that either TLC or LUV paid for SUCKS as does the airline industry and is NOT appreciated.



I agree with Chuck. The autoplay "feature" diminishes your credibility. You should have included a link to a site so people could sample this show IF THEY CHOSE TO -- it should not just start playing even if the reader wants to pass it by.


ACitizen = Panderturd always looking to tear someone down because his life is so miserable. Move along troll, move along. Stop reading the blog if you're so offended!


Please notice, Truthless, that the Startlegram has removed the autoplay "feature".

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