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July 25, 2012

APFA "confident" judge will delay decision on union contracts

Although U.S. bankruptcy judge Sean Lane has not indicated otherwise, the flight attendants union told its members it was "confident" that the judge will delay his ruling on rejecting American Airlines' union contracts until after the flight attendants finish voting on the carrier' latest offer.

Over the weekend, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants opened up voting on American's latest contract proposal and told its members that ballots will be accepted until August 19th. That date is four days after the judge is currently scheduled to rule on American's request to reject its union contracts.

Here's what the APFA hotline message said on Wednesday:

"The bankruptcy judge has made clear throughout this process that the most preferable resolution to labor contract negotiations is a mutual deal. Although the Court’s ruling on AA's Section 1113 motion is currently scheduled to be issued by August 15th, we are confident that the court will accommodate our balloting period as it has done with both APA and TWU by delaying its decision until after August 19th; the date on which our balloting period concludes."

-Andrea Ahles


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We are weeks away from the deadline for the APFA to get the vote out and the Flight Attendants to vote. Why exactly does the APFA require more time?


Don't be so sure about that Laura. When the Judge issued the August 15th deadline, he expected everyone to hop to it and get offers out immediately for members to vote. The APA and TWU did just that. Your group dragged its feet. Maybe you should speed up your process in order to meet the court's deadline. Good things do not always come to those that wait.

Teresa Vedepo

The judge will not cut short a federally mandated and protected unionized vote. And if he does, the fallout will end up costing the airline more than the time. Those employees have been pushed enough, probably not wise to keep doing it.


I hope APFA is right about this one. I want my vote to count for something before the judge makes a decision. I get that we were a little late to the party but it's not that much longer after the judge's deadline...

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