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July 26, 2012

Blogger: Lockheed management heaping the pressure on salaried workers

Itsy Bitsy, a sharp fingered, anti-union blogger whose ire was mostly directed at the Machinists members and leadership during the recent strike, now has Lockheed Martin management in her sights.

Itsy, who apparently is the spouse of an engineer or one of those middle management personnel that worked on the assembly and flight lines in the Fort Worth plant during the strike, posts that Lockheed management is now beating up on the ranks of those people that kept some production going.

They are the ones who voluntarily gave up their free time to work the overtime required to keep the F-35 line moving. Yes, they were paid nicely for showing up, but they did more than just show up... 

They worked. They achieved. They set records. They moved mountains. They solved problems. They broke bottlenecks. They worked through breaks and lunches and sometimes even dinner. They willingly set aside the mantles of leadership (and accompanying egos) and got busy turning wrenches, hanging doors, installing engines and passing inspections. Without the knowledge, expertise, skill and hard-charging attitudes of these folks, nothing that the company achieved during the strike would have been possible. Nothing. ... It was the supervisors, associate managers, managers and other salaried personnel who made it happen.
Guess Lockheed management is tired of hearing complaints from the government about continued delays and cost increases on the F-35. And getting their profits cut! There's nothing like seeing $500 million disappear to focus management's attention on doing something and finding someone to blame, even the non-union members.



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Not surprising. Lockheed Martin does not care about quality, loyalty or anything human. It's a business that returns value to shareholders and cares for nothing else. Unfortunately, the upper management doesn't comprehend the value that loyalty can have on the bottom line (as displayed during the strike), so it doesn't reward it. It just expects results no matter the personal cost. Quite simply, it's a horrible place to work. Those folks should have their own strike.

Itsy Bitsy

A company should be focused on returning value to shareholders. However, the best way to do that is to be successful and you can't be successful when you're beating down your best employees and elevating the worst ones.

Billy boy

All them salaried workers with a big head deserved to be yelled at. They set records of reworks! They messed everything they did during the strike but too ignorant to realize that they screwed it up. So itsy please stop flapping those gums pbecause you have no ideas what are you talking about.


Its so nice to see the big picture. Lots of blame from the top so we union trash are indeed trash but middle management are to be given a big ol hug for the fine work they do? It wont matter when NO ONE has a job. See you all at walmart!


What the heck are you talking about with rework? Get your facts straight Billy boy. Quality was soo good during the strike, we couldn't track it with the same metrics we used before the strike.
Get your facts straight. Let's see the union match anything we did...


Both groups got what they deserved. You are company lackeys. The all mighty dollar is what drives everything. Your personal issues are of no concern.


Itsy I was about to tell you this at another post. I am union thirty-five plus years. I disagree salary are the best. I have not had a QAR (Quality Assurance Report) in over ten years and friends of mine have died on the job after months of voluntary O/T. But one thing I can tell you is nobody but the very top is protected out there. I saw 3,500 plus salary employee's cut in one freezing January day when A-12 was cancelled. 1991. At the time I felt some sympathy. I thought its a rotten day to bring rotten news home. One of them was quoted by the Star-Telegram then as almost screaming "they are processing us out like cattle in the chute!" Welcome to reality.


Well if quality was so high why do all the aircraft you guys worked on look like Christmas trees with all those orange tags son? QAR's everywhere! and managament slipping delivery on four ships by a year was stunning. Just ten weeks. Plus every program slipped months. It would have been smarter if you guys had not even tried to work. Still we are enjoying the money from extra O/T...


Itsy's spouse..=engineer, which=salary. Why wouldn't itsy stick up for salary, even if she spews mis information like there's no tomorrow. Xmas trees, would be the correct term.

G Money

Salary people set records for production? HA!!! That's why tubing is being cut out of wings they installed. That's why installation cards are worked complete without even being started (mischarging). That's why there are so many QAR's. EVERYONE, hourly and salary both can see the type quality work that was performed during the strike, and the workmanship was mostly piss poor, by salary folks, contractors, and scabs alike. LM cooks the numbers to make themselves look good, no matter what the program, no matter what the facility. But who can blame them? That's what LM does best, lie to the customer. ALL workers in the factory are mistreated as a result! Our senior manager wishes he was 55 so he could get get the hell out of there, and who could blame him! The company cares for nothing but their own survival, they're in survival mode. Well, they better yank their heads out of their keesters or none of us will have a job.


Way to go Itsy now you see the light, you know I'm accually starting to like you,I am so glad you see the light,we are still trying to correct all the mistakes made while we were gone but it may workout in time, great to hear from you again Itsy, love ya.


Itsy's quote is hilarious. Why is there so much overtime available? Because "nothing" got done during the strike. From what Itsy said during the strike, everything was right on schedule. Seems like Itsy is finally realizing what kind of company she was rooting for. Karma sucks, don't it.

Itsy Bitsy

So many lies to correct, so little time...


BA HA HA HA HA!!!!Itsy bitsy did you really think that your husband was more than just a number Lockgreed it's all about the shareholder's and CEO'S,your really going to find out when they hand out slips to the salary in October,while we are still getting OT.


Numskuls, the reason there is so much over time, is because many of the hourly workers are not accepting OT. I could care less - it is a wind fall for the exempt guys/gals. Yea, punish the company - turn down time and half and 2 times hour wage. You guys belong in a union. How dumb can you be to turn down free money......What a bunch of dip s'.

joe campbell

while i still think the unions are full of thugs, crooks, and lairs, and i don't plan on every being a member again, i also think company's are totally for themselves and the ceo's with their inflated bonus. workers are screwed either way .


So many lies to correct and so little time? Itsy why don't you research what happened to protected salary employee's when the F-111 production stopped in the seventies? When the A-12 was canceled? The end of the Cold War F-16 wind down? Even when Lockheed-Martin took over from General Dynamics? Salary went in droves. And many never came back. They had to rehire to do so. No recall rights. I know General Dynamics salary who were General foremen and went back hourly as the only way to keep working. You really think your husband, you, and your family are protected? Your a number to Lockheed-Martin and top management. Nothing else.


Gildersleeve I am going to retire soon. Until then I am not coming running to save you guys from the consequences of your own mistakes. I been there. Too many times. I will work some O/T but I am not going to give myself a heart attack at my age working it constantly for months. Common sense. If you want love and loyalty get a dog. If you want to be used as far as you let it go...work for Lockheed-Martin.


Hey 776 how many of us worthless union slug's are willing to bet the aircraft that salary worked on during the strike go down in records as the worst F-35's every built?


The main problems with F-35 were and are pure bad management. Three years ago the part shortages were so bad that management was sending mechanics to illegally strip parts already installed in ships to replace defective or damaged parts in other ships closer to completion. Totally illegal without recorded coverage and permission from DOD. But the mechanics had to do it or be fired for disobeying a direct order. Illegal to put that kind of pressure on to obey an illegal order too. The F-22 and F-35 had some shared special supplies. F-22 was on two shifts. F-35 three. When F-35 did not order enough and ran out people would be sent to the F-22 area to steal the programs supplies. Illegal too because they were seperate programs on seperate budgets. Lot's of things like that.


Remember that Lockheed just administors the program. The latest in a long line of company's. The plant and everything in it is the property of the US government. Stealing supplies from one program because another ran out drives up the cost on both. It is not like the managers were just shifting Lockheed property back and forth. That was USA property!


Itsy both you and hubby are slightly naive. No, make that a big bunch naive.


It was so bad and sudden in 1991 salary employees hid in the bathrooms. They convinced themselves if they could not be found they would not be laid off. There were no recall rights. It did not go by seniority. The only way to get back was rehire. How many fifty-five year old engineers who were topped out do you think were rehired later when things improved? Union did get laid off. First we went back to F-16 from A-12 because of Desert Storm. Then for months later we built spares and repaired the ships. I was finally laid off. For 18 months. But recalled by seniority. It was not easy. Not expected to be. But it was fair. I ran into one of my foremen. A very good one managing a fast food resturant. We both agreed it sucked to be in defense. I have seen two General Dynamics upper managers, general foremen who between them managed fifteen hundred people at F-16's peak in one department, back hourly on the clock. Because it was the only way to avoid that deal when Lockheed-Martin took over. Nobody is protected or has any gratitude to them, except the very top. I am union because at least we have a few rights.


Gildersleeve you are welcome to it. I am retiring and don't need it! I wish everyone could! Union. Lockheed-Martin resets is just a bad excuse to haze people. I don't blame the younger people for refusing O/T to save Lockheeds rear. They were treated bad. Their families were treated bad by extension. Top management is just furious they lost those performance award millions. Because most would have automatically gone in their year end bonuses. And they are wild they misjudged by forcing the strike.


Joe I am a union thug. Proud of it. KMA.

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