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July 25, 2012

Do you "believe in American"?

From time to time, American Airlines posts videos on Youtube that sometimes showing where your bag goes at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport or their latest television commercial.

On Tuesday, American's latest video entry was called "I Believe in American." And then today, @AmericanAir followers got a tweet that said, "We believe in American. Retweet this video if you do too."

The three-minute video is a slickly produced shoot that features American employees and customers talking about their pride in the Fort Worth-based carrier. It appears that a significant portion of it was filmed in the airline's Admirals Club at DFW Airport in Terminal D and on the tarmac.

And the tagline is "I believe in American."

So are we seeing the start of a "Keep Delta, My Delta"-like campaign?

In 2006, when Delta Air Lines was in bankruptcy facing a takeover bid by US Airways, the carrier launched a successful public relations campaign that featured employees, community leaders and executives talking about the culture of Delta. "Keep Delta, My Delta" people involved in the campaign cried. In the end, Delta's creditors committee rejected US Airways' bid.

Fast forward six years and US Airways is trying to buy American's parent company, AMR Corp., which is in bankruptcy. Since January, US Airways executives have been publicly talking about the benefits of a US Airways-AMR merger. AMR executives, on the other hand, have been focused on restructuring and negotiating new contracts with its unions and only recently said they would consider merger opportunities while in bankruptcy.

So Sky Talk readers, what do you think? Do you "believe in American?"


UPDATE: American said the video is not part of a larger public relations campaign and in a statement, American spokesman Andy Backover said: “We introduced the `I believe in American’ video internally to our people last week and we started to share it with our customers this week.   As we move through the process of restructuring and rebuilding the new American, we continue to be awed and inspired by the commitment of our people and our customers to the future of our airline.   Our legendary history means something to those who know us – this video was simply a way to capture those sentiments and recognize those who are putting us in a position to win again. We are incredibly gratified that so many people, both inside and outside the company, believe in American and are rooting for it to succeed. We are humbled by their support.”

-Andrea Ahles


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I have zero confidence in AA management to run this airline. They will take the money from the employees and blow it on themselves. There is a long history of AA doing this.


I have a feeling that there are quite a few in AA's labor force that feel like their union leaders sold their souls to the devil, so to speak. They jumped on the Doug Parker/US Airways bandwagon before truly assessing the situation at that airline. US labor has legitimate gripes about how they were promised the sun, moon, and stars and then several years later they are still waiting. Now that more and more AA employees are learning the truth about Doug and mergers, I'm sure they are wondering what the heck their union leadership has gotten them into. I know I sure would be if in this situation.


I believed in American under Bobby Crandell. After 25 years of service with this company I now believe I have been shafted and most of all disrespected. This company is now a train wreck. THANKS TOM.


As a customer who chooses to fly American Airlines, even though I have to drive an hour from Providence to Boston, I do believe.

Like all companies, AA is bigger than a single leader or a management team. The employees are what makes the company and while it is sad that AA entered CH11, they had no choice given the competition. Labor will experience cuts in wages, benefits, and work rules these cuts are necessary to ensure the long term success of the company so that labor can enjoy long term employment. It is a little disingenuous to celebrate Bob "Fang" Crandall since he was the most hated CEO of his time according to the labor unions.



I love that AA management is now trying to lay claim to 'loyal' employee's. Horton's recent statement that the bulk of AA employee's don't agree with their Union(s) leadership?
What are they smoking?

I believe in American too - under NEW leadership.


From little Tommy-boy, down thru every single Senior VP, VP, Junior VP,
VP-in-training and VP wanna-be.

THEY are the ones who have RUINED this company.

THEY have been the ones in charge at this company.

THEY are the ones responsible...that's their job, right?



I believe in American. In Horton and friends, not so much.




DWR, if you want to totally clean house, let's do it with every employee.

Get rid of all the mechanics and people running the maintenance bases. Get rid of store clerks and ramp workers.

If you want to clean all the way to a VP in Training then I say clean EVERYONE and start over.

A mechanic has as much fault in this as a Jr. VP does.

Read between the lines

Ahhhhhhh!!!! Kinda gets you all teary eyed? Does it not? Listen folks. This whole thing is a shell game. AMR is in business to break the unions. Plain and Simple. The unions don't know what to do. Just a month ago, all 3 major unions marched on Centreport to deliver a vote of no confidence. Now??? All the major unions must go out and try to sell these pieces of crAAp LBFO's to their membership. In truth, it doesn't matter how the workers' vote. We are all screwed. In the meantime, AMR is surely getting healthy in bankruptcy. Last report is short term cash reserves and investments is up to $5.88 billion. Have you seen the new interiors AMR is investing in for their new aircraft? Good times indeed?!? Read folks. Analyze. It's not to hard if you try.


DWR, you're right it should be a house cleaning. Start with the TWU, APA, and APFA.

Oh wait, the TWU is already cleaning house. Vote down a contract and get what the court orders.

I'm reminded of lyrics from a song, "wah, wah, wah!"


Don’t lie to us, you never liked Crandall either. You would whine no matter who ran the airline.

American does have new leadership, without the ball and chain known as Lloyd Hill.

No voters, prepare to be trounced! The value of my airline is inversely proportional to your influence. I believe in American.


Great video! the actor's were very believable.


ANM, What have you been smoking? There is no front line employee at AA that could lay claim to amount of destruction wrought on AA as the carpet bagger known as Tom Horton. He and his upper level management cronies have created a level of employee resentment for management that I have never seen before. Most employees would like to have confidence in their company management team to make the right decisions on how to run the business, and how to treat employees. This management team hasn't a clue on how to do either. No single mechanic can lay claim to creating the level of desperation, and uncertainty that now exists in the employee ranks at AA. The AA board of directors are clueless as well. They are the enablers of this management team to continue with their hate and discontent towards their front line employees.

Char at DFW

I believe in American much more than what's being pushed on us. Sure, we have a management team that doesn't seem to fully understand employees' wants, needs, and concerns. But at least we know what we have. There are a great deal of us that are anxious about what we may have thanks to the impulsive deals made by our leadership. Buyer beware.


casual observer

Good for these employees voicing their opinion in support of AA. It's nice to know that not all have been charmed by the Parker promise machine.


My name is Joe Kilfeather I am a 24year aviation maintenance technician that works afternoons at Terminal A. I am very proud of the co-workers and professionals I work with on the ramp, inside the aircraft cabins and the res offices through out this great country.I am proud of my profession and the history of this airline. I was here when Robert Crandall left, saw tears in many employee's eyes and the well wishes he was given. We have lost many great friends and coworkers, For ten years it has been these people whom have built this airline. Since that day of Mr Crandall departure that American Airlines I knew ended and what followed was the Three stooges... Carty,Arpey, and Tom Horton. These "leaders" and their drones have and would sell out their own employee's for their stock options and bonuses. I'm proud of American Airlines employees I despise It's top management. ANd I am VERY proud to say that!!! pull together win together, turned into We Pulled, Horton Won...

life realist

hey casual observer,
who was having oatmeal with Parker the other day? oh right that was tommy boy, who now wants the world to know that it was he who first made the proposition for a merger in September... not the other way around... now that's AA management arrogance at it's best.


Incredibly cheesy, but I do believe that we're better off as a standalone airline than we are merging with US Scareways.


I don’t care who AA merges with or if we don’t merge with another airline. I'm just worried about losing my job whether it’s in restructuring or a merger. I just want to keep getting paid. Everyone has families to feed. It's a job. AMR employees on both sides (management, union) are losing jobs right now. Why don’t we stop blaming each other and come together. Stop pointing the finger. We are in this together whether we like it or not. I am proud to work at American.


I believe the current contract proposal is the best we are going to get while in bankruptcy. Does that count?

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