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July 27, 2012

Eagle flight attendants union reaches tentative agreement with regional carrier

American Eagle flight attendants union has reached a tentative agreement with the regional carrier, owned by AMR Corp.

The agreement comes prior to AMR filing Section 1113 motions to reject its American Eagle labor contracts.

“This is certainly not the agreement we were negotiating prior to the bankruptcy, nor does it accurately reflect the vast contributions American Eagle Flight Attendants make to our carrier each day," said Robert Barrow, Association of Flight Attendants American Eagle president. "However, this agreement blunts management’s most onerous demands, gives us the opportunity to decide for ourselves how to move forward, and provides a foundation for the future.”

Details of the contract have not yet been released and it still needs to be approved by the union leadership before being sent out for a vote.

UPDATE: American spokesman Bruce Hicks released this statement: “American Eagle is pleased we were able to reach a tentative agreement with the Association of Flight Attendants on a new contract that will help Eagle effectively compete for American’s business.  This is an important step towards the successful restructuring of our company.”

-Andrea Ahles


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Eagle Watcher

This is a good thing, as anything is an improvement over the term sheet they sent out. Lets hope the vocal minority who keep sayin "NO" come to their senses when they read the details

Life realist

Eagle watcher is obviously a "company man," who thinks they can sway and pressure the vote to ensure those at the top get their bankruptcy bonuses.

Eagle Watcher

sorry life realist. if you actually thought going to the judge was a better idea you are wrong. Labor has never won in 1113c and eagle FA's werent going to be the ones to be first. Its amazing to me the amount of people who are alrady saying vote no to it all. Maybe read the TA b4 you make a decision.

life realist

calling anyone who considers a No vote a vocal minority or assuming they haven't read the LBFO, is typical AA arrogance. Let the membership decide on it's own and let them live with it.

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