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July 24, 2012

Judge sticking to Aug. 15 ruling date on union contracts

Despite American Airlines' flight attendants union conducting a ratification vote until the third week of August, the bankruptcy judge is still sticking with his August 15 ruling date.

"We have informed the court of the developments with the APFA ratification vote," said American spokesman Bruce Hicks. "Currently, there is no change in the schedule for the court's decision. The parties intend to update the court on Aug. 9 on the status of the TWU and APA ratification votes."

On Saturday, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants opened up voting on the carrier's latest offer. The ballots are due on August 19, four days after the judge is scheduled to rule on American's request to reject its union contracts.

The pilots, mechanics and store clerks unions are also in the process of holding ratification votes on the latest offers from the carrier and will have results on August 8.

-Andrea Ahles


casual observer

Makes you wonder if they had gotten their act together sooner, there would be no issue with the judge and his deadline. He ought to hold firm because every other group figured it out and planned accordingly. Why hold it up because the dingy APFA continued to drag its feet?


It's not dingy, its smart. If the judge doesn't dissolve the original contracts then the groups are better off and if he does throw them out the same final offers remain on the table.

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