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August 03, 2012

A little video chat about a merger

At the Star-Telegram, we try different things from time to time.

So on Thursday, business columnist Mitchell Schnurman and reporter Andrea Ahles sat down on Thursday to chat a little bit about American Airlines and a possible merger with US Airways. We filmed it for your viewing pleasure.


-Andrea Ahles


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Andrea, Your video link does not work!

Andrea Ahles

I've switched the link from the newspaper's video server over to Youtube. The video should play now.


Thanks! Great Interview...keep them coming!


Great video...keep them coming. I'm watching the merger scenarios from all sides pro and con and I think it will be about who's going to run the airline if a merger happens. Horton or Parker? Parker has run an all out media blitz campaign to establish his dog in this hunt. Horton just now came off the blocks and is trying to play catch up. I like Horton's approach...measured and controlled. Parker's shotgun wedding approach to industry consolidation looks desperate. Let the games begin or continue I mean.

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