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August 16, 2012

Flight attendants union: Court ruling is clear message to approve contract or else

Leaders of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, in a strongly worded message to the membership overnight, found nothing to cheer about in Wednesday's ruling by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane.

In a post on the union hotline, APFA warned its members:

Late this afternoon, the Bankruptcy Court issued a blistering indictment of the labor unions on American Airlines' property. The Court summarily rejected all but two arguments the pilots made in the Section 1113 hearing, including convergence - the argument that the company's ask would put the pilots below industry standard. Most of the pilots' arguments were identical to ours.

And this, a very strongly worded recommendation by the leadership that members vote for the pending contract offer from American:

It is more clear today than ever before that the best path for our membership is to accept the LBFO and continue to work towards achieving a merger with USAirways. We can now say with certainty that the Section 1113 process will leave flight attendants worse off than the LBFO. There is little doubt that the end result, should we reject, will be 2,000 furloughed flight attendants and many many more on reserve.

- Bob Cox


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AMR Employee

What makes any of these union officers(APA,TWU,APFA)believe that any merger with US Airways is going to be a plus???
When AMR comes out of bankruptcy they will be finacially stronger than US Airways and therefore be in control of the merger with the ablility to appoint the management team, policies and control of labor relations. I believe that after the bankruptcy US Airways will be the company that needs to merge not AMR because under a new business plan AMR will under cut US Airways customer base.
And I also believe that Doug Parker knows this and that why he is pushing so hard for this merger.
So I ask again, What makes anyone believe that there will be a management change, better labor relations, more benefits???


If you run the numbers between the LBFO and the term sheet, it is almost a no-brainer to go ahead, bite the bullet, and vote yes. The APFA is offering the correct assessment of yesterday's court ruling and how we are probably in a worse position to have our contract negated by the judge.

If our contract is abrogated, we will lose out on average several thousand dollars per year as opposed to accepting the LBFO. This does not include the potential extra cash in our pocket from the equity stake. With future negotiations having to basically start from scratch if we vote to reject the offer, we will be once again at the mercy of the company timeline. As we know, that could drag on for quite some time.

After all of the drama from the past few years, having all of this settled will be a huge relief. I feel for the pilots as their victory yesterday is most likely temporary.


Absolutely Zero-------------The milking of the sheep will continue


I agree about the LBFO, but why continue working toward a merger with US Airways? Why put things like seniority and job security at risk by agreeing to a hugely uncertain venture (as airline mergers always are)?


For some unknown reason Laura Glading is totally focused on the idea of a merger with US Airways. I know people who have approached her about this and she apparently believes in it with religious zeal! Not sure why, when so many of us have reservations about it.

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