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August 31, 2012

It's official: US Airways signs non-disclosure agreement with AMR, merger talks to start

US Airways announced on Friday that it has signed a non-disclosure agreement with American Airlines' parent company AMR Corp.

The agreement allows the two carriers to exchange confidential and financial information and "work in good faith to evaluate a potential combination," US Airways and American said in a joint statement.

Additionally, the carriers said they do not expect to provide updates on the status of discussions until a deal has been made or talks break down.

"Furthermore, AMR and US Airways have each agreed while they are evaluating a potential combination that they and their representatives will not engage in discussions with other parties concerning a potential combination of AMR and US Airways," the statement said. "The companies noted that there can be no assurance that a transaction will result from these discussions."

-Andrea Ahles


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Don Abbott

Don't forget to go over the Wright Amendment talking points.

casual observer

So Parker is finally going to play by the rules and follow the proper protocal. Wonder how many bridges he burned with his dog and pony show pressers and union pander sessions? For Parker to give in and sign an NDA must mean AA and its creditors are less than amused, especially since we now know other companies like British Airways have signed NDAs as well.

Michael Rea

I hope the American Airlines negotiators will retain our identity, and not be lost to antiquity like great airlines of the past: Eastern, TWA, Pan Am, and Northwest Orient.
AA Retiree

steve crawford

As some have said that American Airline (AA) is a poorly inefficient run company, and I agree. There are too many managers that do not have a full understanding how their area should be perform. Second in many areas there are no written procedures to tell the employees on what AA expect of them. There has to be some consistency on how things should be done, and if the procedures become outdated, then everyone should be informed of the new improvements. AA employees should not be making up their own ways things should be done. I can see so many ways that some jobs can be improved. But I'm just a FSC.



Go team Parker!!!
Good riddance Horton and your 'bonus- buddies'.


A lost decade, kick the can, more productivity, lower wages, more flexibility. But no mention of Leadership, morale, support, or incentive. While management may feel pressure the employees feel the boot. I can't remember who but I do recall a CEO of GE claim that if as CEO all you can do is shrink or lay off your employees you need to leave. While everyone in the MetroPlex hopes AMR leaves BK sooner than latter no one more so than the employees at American. While SWA is a part of our areas culture AMR and it's employees have woven into our communities like the Alamo or the Texas Rangers.

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