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September 21, 2012

2,205 flight attendants volunteer to leave American Airlines

American Airlines reports that 2,205 of its flight attendants have volunteered to take a severance package and leave the company, which should eliminate the need for flight attendant layoffs.

Indeed, American says it will begin recruiting additional flight attendants later this year.

As part of the renegotiated contract with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants that was approved by the union membership last month, American offered $40,000 severance payments to flight attendants with at least 15 years of employment. That is in addition retirement and other benefits they may have earned.

American spokesman Bruce Hicks issued the following statement:

“We are happy to report that given the 2,205 Early Out volunteers we have, and the staffing projections looking forward, we don’t anticipate furloughing any flight attendants as a result of the near-term restructuring changes. We will also begin recruiting new flight attendants later this year.

“In October, our flight attendants who signed up for the voluntary exit will be able to request a desired month of departure, and we will then stagger departures over the next year, based on seniority and operational needs.

“Providing this voluntary Early Out incentive for our flight attendants is another positive step forward in our restructuring.”

- Bob Cox



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and why would they need to hire additional attendants?....maybe at a lower rate and less benefits?


kudos to Flight Attendance. for once, thinking of others.

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