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September 10, 2012

Alliance Fort Worth maintenance base to close by end of the year

American Airlines' maintenance base is scheduled to close by the end of the year, according to documents posted on a local union website.

The Transport Workers Union Local 567, which represents mechanics at Alliance, posted a powerpoint  dated Sept. 7 from American that outlined the closing of the maintenance facility.

According to the document, 1,090 workers at Alliance will be laid off on Dec. 15 with the hangar swept clean in January. Parts will be auctioned off in April with other equipment moved out that month as well.

The carrier said it expects to turn in the keys to Alliance to the city of Fort Worth, which owns the facility, on April 30, 2013.

TWU workers are currently considering an early out program that offers severance packages to those who voluntarily leave the company. Depending on seniority and time at the company, workers who apply for the package could receive one-time severance payments over $12,500. Workers have until Sept. 25 to apply for the early out.

WARN notices, which American is required to file with the state when it lays off a significant number of workers, will be distributed on Sept. 17.

American declined to comment on the closing of the base Monday morning.

In its initial term sheet offer to mechanics in February, American indicated that it planned to close Alliance by the end of the year as it outsourced a significant portion of its maintenance work to third-party firms.

-Andrea Ahles


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You go and build this wonderful facility... state of the art... and then close it to outsource for "cheaper" labor?
Am I missing something here?
When and how does outsourcing ever become cheaper??? The only way I can think it becomes cheaper is if the final product is FAR cheaper.
I'll be honest - I'm going to be a little hesitant to fly AA.

Abel Rivers

Typical....where is the outrage? Missing it? You believe the Governer of TEXAS is concern? NO comment? The republican conservitive fire brand TEA party memebers of our glorious state not saying a word?


AA does more in house maintenance than ANY other airline, by far! That's the problem, American consumers decided that price is king so all the other airlines outsourced their maintenance overseas, which forced AA to follow suit. SW has the highest rate doing most of theirs in South America. AA will only outsource 35%.


Can you say "Union?" All unions do these days is drive up the price of doing business, not protect it's workers. Especially in Texas.

AA must rid itself of the union label to be profitable against other air lines.


Go unions!



This is a "monkey see,monkey do" industry. What ever the other airlines do the others have to do also,other wise they say they can't compete.

And just to let you know, our Boeing 777 fleet will be maintained in CHINA from now on where the FAA makes visits maybe once a year with a 30 day notice. More good paying AMERICAN jobs going to the biggest COMMUNIST country in the world.

R Alvarez

Well... until at least November 6, 2012... they are just moving jobs from one of the biggest "Communist Countries" (the US) to another (China). Hopefully, the folks will have enough intelligence to "Change" that direction at that time, and not require another 4 years to finally "get it!"

And, yes... American, is being forced to take such actions for the same reason GM and Chrysler have - the destructive inflexibility of "the Workers Party" (the unions).

David Davis

That's right. Those workers at American need to accept Chinese wages. To heck with a U.S. administration that increasingly negotiates trade treaties to require countries who sell to us to pay workers wages at least approaching U.S. wages, a U.S. administration that fights intransigent political opposition to efforts to deny tax benefits to companies that outsource labor and rewards them for creating and maintaining American jobs, and a U.S. administration besieged by internal political opposition that blocks every effort to improve the jobs economy (or anything else the administration proposes that the opposition used to favor) and then blames the administration for not fixing the mess made by the opposition when they were in charge. Let's cut taxes for the "job creators" like we did "temporarily" in 2001 and continue to extend that forever, because it's worked out so well for us.


A sad ending to a lot of jobs in the Dallas area. I'm sure many of the guys with the most seniority will bump to Tulsa, but those that don't are going to have to find new work.

The unions that kept calling bankruptcy an empty threat are learning painful lessons now.


"AA must rid itself of the union label to be profitable against other air lines."

The above statement is absolute brilliance. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the sentence above? Anyone?

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