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September 21, 2012

American Airlines comments on cause of flight cancellations and delays

American Airlines put out a statement late Thursday in response to the earlier post by the APA. 

"We are confident in the causes of the recent operational challenges of flight cancellations and delays. Prior to the recent issues, American had been running a good operation, with on-time performance and reliability measures at their best levels in many years The recent disruptions are primarily due to the significant increase in maintenance write-ups by our pilots, many right at the time of departure. Additionally, continued higher-than-normal sick usage by pilots, which has been up more than 20 percent year over year and has been elevated for months, impacts the availability of reserve pilots, which can ultimately lead to cancellations. Our pilot staffing - without the recent actions regarding maintenance write-ups and the continued increase in sick time - is adequate to meet our scheduling needs and recalling pilots from furlough would not be needed.

First, we apologize to all of our customers for the inconvenience this has caused. We understand how irritating and unfortunate this is in interrupting or delaying their travel plans. We appreciate their patience and hope for their understanding. We also appreciate very much the extra and difficult work this has caused so many of our people and especially appreciate the fabulous job our maintenance crews have been doing in taking care of these additional write-ups and getting planes back on schedule as fast as possible. In addition, our inventory of spare parts is at the highest level in years.

American has taken significant steps to try to limit the impact on our customers. We have carefully selected some 300 flights this week to pre-cancel to allow us to re-accommodate passengers in advance. And, through October we have reduced our schedule 1 to 2 percent as well. In addition, we have increased staffing in all other areas to assist in re-accommodating customers and are reaching out to customers proactively to notify them of the options available and the ability to standby for earlier flights at no charge.

We remain committed to doing all we can to serve our customers to provide safe, reliable transportation, just as they have always expected and received from American Airlines."

 Bruce Hicks, American Airlines spokesman

-Bob Cox


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Unions dont give a dam about the pasaangers. They forget without the passangers they wouldn't be needed. It should be a crime for a strike to impace a ticket already sold. Stop a future ticket sales all you want. Don't strand me 3000 from home.


So if the pilots are behaving so badly, why doesn't AA get a Judge to stop this illegal job action?

Oh wait. Could it be because they don't have any evidence to take to a judge?

Certainly AA management wouldn't try to spin the story in the media, blaming their incompetence on the employees.

Say it ain't so, Joe.

Evelyn Gonzales

American Airlines should be ashamed at the way they have been conducting their business. I have a son in Fort Hood Texas, another in San Francisco, CA and a daughter that flies from San Diego to North Carolina (I reside in LA). Every one of their flights with American Airlines has been delayed or cancelled. It is very inconvenient for them as well as the person picking them up from the airport. Is it too much to ask that you let the traveler know at least 6 hours ahead of time. You require the traveler to arrive 1 1/2 hours prior but yet you can tell the passenger as they board that the flight has bee delayed??? I wish your Executives could be in our shoes so that they will see what it feels like to have precious time to spend with your child (that you haven't seen in awhile) taken away, either by delays coming home or by having to sit in an airplane with no explanation. Some one needs to come up with a plan to rectify this matter before this company goes under. My son is sitting on an airplane right now (delayed coming and going back home).

Steve M

I'm using up my FF miles right now on AA. Actually it's been a joy to fly on AA if you're willing to be a few minutes late you get rewarded with lots of empty seats in coach to give everyone extra space. I got two seats on the left side of the plane to myself on a recent flight on an S-80. The negative, the Pilot, apparently wasn't running late enough took a very abnormal route on the flight from DFW to Las Vegas circling over Laughlin then over Death Valley then back over Hoover Dam, and then onto the normal East-West Glidepath for landing. In over 100 trips to Vegas I've never seen a plane take that route...ever...all I can think was that the pilot was intentionally trying to delay the landing.


I am just disgusted by this behavior. The pilots chose to screw themselves, but instead of accepting the consequences of their decision like big boys, they've gone into self-destruct mode.

For shame.

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