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September 28, 2012

American: not questioning normal maintenance reports, just ones where nothing is wrong

American Airlines said it isn't questioning normal maintenance reports made by pilots, only the ones where mechanics have found nothing wrong or are not safety related.

Responding to the pilots union's statement that pilots were writing up serious maintenance issues, company spokesman Bruce Hicks said that the number of reports where a mechanic "responded to a pilot's complaint and found nothing wrong" have increased 97 percent in September.

Here is the full statement from Hicks:

"The APA’s press release is an outrageous and disappointing attempt to divert attention from the real issues of the operational disruption caused by some pilots’ illegal job action. The kinds of issues cited in their press release are not uncommon in the industry and they are not the issue. No one at American is questioning normal maintenance write-ups. However, certain pilots are engaging in an unlawful, concerted effort to damage the company. For the past several weeks, we have seen an unprecedented increase in pilot maintenance write ups, many at the time of scheduled departure, which are certainly not safety related. And, the number of reports where a mechanic has responded to a pilot’s complaint and found nothing wrong have risen 97% this month. The unlawful conduct by some pilots includes unnecessary checks, increased maintenance write-ups and last-minute maintenance requests, increased block times due to slow taxiing, and circuitous routings. American has asked APA to take action to help end these illegal job actions and return our operations to normal levels. Our goal remains for all of us to put this recent behavior behind us and turn to the critical task of operating a more efficient, competitive airline in the interest of all economic stakeholders, including our pilots."

-Andrea Ahles


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OK, so it has gone up 97%. Did the reporter ask for the underlying number, or just repeat managements 97% assertion? Thousands of flights per month, and if the item they are complaining about went up from three to five, approximately 97%, the percentage is accurate but the actual number is statistically insignificant. In future reporting I would prefer to have the reporter decline to publish managements percentage unless they are provided the underlying numbers to support the claim.



Initially to the flight crew it may appear to be a problem. Upon further inspection there in fact may not be a problem. What's the big deal?`


AA management should be ashamed of their blatant attempts to demonize a labor group for their gross mismanagement. The media should dig for the facts instead of just regurgitating the biased spin AA mgmt would like the general public to believe. Did folks blame the refs when the NFL played hard ball with them? Nooooo, they begged the NFL to negotiate fairly and get them back in the game. AA mgmt needs to take care of their employee groups, not just their personal bonuses, plain and simple. They have been taking and lying for YEARS. Just another example of pure unprofessionalism, incompetence, and divisiveness. Unbelievable. Here's a thought - adequately staff your airline and maintain your planes. You couldn't manage your way out of a wet paper sack.


Of course the refs weren't tanking calls on purpose or keeping fans from entering the stadium. The APA is just ticked that management did exactly was they said that they were going to do if the last contract offer wasn't accepted.

And 97% increase is significant when the family vacation is cancelled or a job interview is missed. Just because of the APA's negotiating incompetence!


Wings...remember that APA negotiated a pretty fair contract at the time with USair management in about 1 weeks time. It was a better contract than AMR could come up with after over 5 years of negotiating. It was documented in court that VP Brundage testified that they were just (his words) "kicking the can". They wasted 5 years of apa resources negotiating with zero intention of completing a contract. I think you labeled the wrong side incompetent.


The pilots are obviously playing games to screw with AA's management. They must be angry at themselves for walking away from a decent deal, and now they know they can't strike so they're sabotaging the airline any way they can.

It's like trying to negotiate with a two year old.

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