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September 05, 2012

APFA president says Beck is using his "bully pulpit to jeopardize the livelihood of an American worker"

Association of Professional Flight Attendants president Laura Glading said radio show host Glenn Beck is jeopardizing the livelihood of a flight attendant with his on-air comments about the service he received on an American Airlines flight last weekend.

“The APFA will not allow Mr. Beck, or anyone else for that matter, to use a bully pulpit to jeopardize the livelihood of an American worker. There are two sides to this story," Glading said in the statement. "The incident is currently being investigated by company management and they have our full cooperation. Everyone, regardless of politics or opinions towards the American labor movement, deserves and receives courteous and professional service from the flight crews of American Airlines.”

Beck continued to discuss his flight experience on his show on Wednesday. He said American should fire the flight attendant and vows to never fly on American again. (Note: American operates 85 percent of the flights out of DFW Airport, the closest airport to Beck's home in Westlake.)

In the Associated Press story posted Wednesday: "These big, stodgy airlines that think they can treat people like garbage - they can't," Beck said during a 14-minute segment on Wednesday's show. He suggested that such poor service could explain why American had to seek bankruptcy protection, yet insisted that he wasn't trying to hurt American and wasn't urging fans to boycott the airline.

-Andrea Ahles

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/09/05/4232846/radio-host-beck-renews-attack.html?storylink=addthis#storylink=cpy



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Let's see what actually happened. Then we can see whether it was Beck or the FA who put his job in danger.

AMR Employee

No Laura, Your Flight Attendant JEOPARDIZED his OWN job when he treat a PAYING CUSTOMER like crap because of his political outlook!!!

People like him and his actions jeopardize everyone's job at AMR and if you can't see that then maybe you should be looking for a new job.

You Laura, have missed the basic rule of a service industry and that is that every paying customer deserve the best service that that company can provide regardless of who or what they are or believe. They provide the money that pays your wages and if they get crappy service they elsewhere and you lose a job. Just what does his actions say about AMR, AA, and AE?

This guy has to go for the good of the rank and file employees of AMR.

Marco Polo

The only problem Beck has with flight attendants is they belong to a union. Unions convey rights to ordinary workers. Rights are things Americans enjoy. Beck is opposed to workers' rights. Beck is opposed to Americans. Beck & his ilk make no attempt to hide their belief that workers should have the status of serfs, of coolies, kowtowing to their betters. Beck & his ilk are the antithesis of everything Americans & our forebears in England fought for over centuries, rights for ordinary men & women, including to be treated with dignity by employers. All Beck is saying now is that someone treated him they way he thinks all non-management workers should be treated, badly. If what Beck says is true, which is doubtful because usually when his lips move he's lying, we have proof that Karma exists.


If Beck was treated this way, I don't find it too hard to believe.

AA has the most unpleasant group of FAs in the industry.

Life realist

Glenn Beck? The same guy who has said foul things about the President of the United States is now crying about a flight attendant who might have treated him with less respect than he thinks he deserves?

Jason TX

Beck has stated that the pilot of the aircraft witnessed the exchange between the flight attendant and himself as he was deplaning.
If the pilot corroborates Beck's version of what was said to him, AA has no choice but to terminate the employment of the flight attendant.
Under no circumstances could a service organization retain an employee who talked that way to a customer.

life realist

This incident would not even be in the news if it weren't for Glenn Beck's sense of self importance.


I was surprised it wasn't Queen Laura herself who slammed the drink on his tray. She seems to treat anyone who disagrees with her with utter contempt.

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