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September 13, 2012

Boeing raps F-35 delays, but says F/A-18 ready

An interesting blog item today from Colin Clark at AOL Defense, citing comments about the F-35 by the president of Boeing Military Airplanes.

The purveyor of the Navy's F/A-18 Super Hornet said:

"The F-35 continues to delay and delay," Christopher Chadwick told a group of reporters at Boeing's defense headquarters here. "Yes, the F-35 has all-aspect stealth, but that is used in a relatively small part of the combat envelope."

In a clear signal to F-18 supporters in the Navy, Chadwick added this barb: "With the F-35 continuing to have technical difficulties and to continue slipping to the right, they have to make sure they have the right capability for the men and women who go in harms way."

We'll check with Lockheed Martin sand see what they have to say about this.

- Bob Cox


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Geoff Koh

The USN should seriously consider seeking a partner(s) to commence accelerated development of the CFT and perhaps the next-generation Enhanced F414 engine as well.

Further upgrades to possibly include enhanced displays could add further effectiveness when combined with the new Type 4 computer. The proposed stealthy weapon pods could still be a possible development program down the road but should truly be secondary to enhancing mission range, performance and efficiency.

Thus, an upgrade to include potential CFT + enhanced engine and coupled with the IRST center-line EFT could better streamline the Super hornet's performance and multiply it's efficiencies and advantages at reasonable cost and risk.


I heard that six USMC Harriers were destroyed in the Taliban attack on that camp in Afghanistan. Looks like they're going to need those F-35Bs sooner rather than later!

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